Friday, August 17, 2007

Stumble and fall.

Sky yielded some decent results yesterday. N. Feet for Borin and W. Hands for Illius, which was much better than Tuesday, and they are Abjurations that *gasp* will actually be made. We started our split runs in Limbus too, with my group doing Temenos West We got incredibly lucky on this run. Now, if you don't know for this run you have to fight 7 floors of Beasts, on those seven floors all of the mobs have a chance to drop each of the chests, but you can only get one chest of each type per floor AND they don't have to drop. So, the scenario for getting all of the chest is a bit crazy, especially the treasure chests. But last night we got something like 6 time and 6 treasure chests. LOL We got 4, yes 4 RDM AF upgrades. Poor Elfie had to go to work in the morning and I know that he needs them. >.< We were literally free lotting RDM AF upgrade pieces, and I know some LS's would kill for them. We also got a SAM and a BRD, which were both needed to complete sets for Glacian and Yashua. Looks like we are going to try Ultima on Monday. Ultima is a much more difficult fight and things can go crazy at the end pretty quickly, but I like the idea of giving it a try!

I have started the next Assault Rank mission to get to level 8 and actually I have already done everything I need to do so far, but if I can, before our next Assaults that I will be able to go to I would like to go a little further into the mission because it rewards with Imperial Gold Coins that I can save up for the next rank up mission. Well, on this mission, I got to see Hellzfury falling down and then laughing at him, well... not really but the same model as Hellzfury in the form of Naja's assistant. He trips...
He falls... He cries...
And I laugh. I have to deal with a friends wedding today so not much from me, but this weekend should be good and hopefully we will have another update from SE for monday.

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