Monday, August 20, 2007

Recording the unrecordable.

There are two types of speculation. Informed speculation and an rampant guessing. One is nice, and even beneficial, the other is a waste of oxygen. So like when your friend says to you "Wouldn't it be cool if they added Barbarian as one of the new jobs, because ZOMG it was my favorite job from Final Fantasy Tactics XVIII!?" you can happily and justifiably ask them to stop breathing for 5 minutes to repay the air they have wasted for the rest of humanity. But the suggestion that there might be a Time Mage added as one of the new jobs is speculation based upon good information that is already available. The expansion is based on time travel, there are abilities and spells in the game that can be considered time related and there are also abilities and spells from past FF games that could be added to the game to further such a job. Informed speculation is fun to read because after information is released you can compare it to what you thought was coming and see how right or wrong you were. Rampant guessing is what causes hissy fits on FFXI forums. It is also unintelligent and not entertaining. Anyway, nothing new today about the update or the expansion and so you are left with a rather dry weekend in which I had many real life obligations and very little time to play.

In Sky we again got some decent drops and had a funny time with some NM's. First, with Despot, for which a solo RDM actually got claim on Despot, but also got 3 links and had to zone. Second, with Mother Globe, for which another LS claimed but wiped completely, and then we got it and afterward we gave them all Raise III's. Third, with Faust, for which the same other LS claimed but wiped and we got it, then Raise III'ed the all again. They seemed rather appreciative for all the Raises which was nice. I think there main problem was that they were rushing pulls because we were just about prepared each time to pull, and they did not have the people to deal with the mobs. Well, we ended up getting almost a complete set of Sky gems, and I usually end up holding them all. We only need a mass amount of Diorite at this point, we have something like 5 Despot gems now, so its going to be mass farming for a while. We got decent drops from the gods we did which was definitely nice. We also got a set of Indra Katars, which I literally haven't seen in a year I believe. I think we also got the Scarecrow Scythe, but that is much more meh. As we were wrapping up Sky, the sky lit up and I got this great screenshot. Sometimes there are things in this game that still make me think it is beautiful. This is definitely one of those moments.

Anyway, recently, I have been helping Pb to try to get his THF subligar but it hasn't been going very well at all. We haven't gotten much for him and for some reason Pb has been horrible about lots and such, where he hasn't been able to get an item because his inventory was full or because someone lotted instead of passing, or something else stupid. Anyway, the last time we were down there, we tried out Eba. That didn't go to well, LOL. I don't know why really because we should have been able to take Eba, might have been because Pb kept getting hit with Grim Halo. Oh well, I hope Pb gets his subligar some day.

We had another incomplete Salvage run yesterday with little reward again. Guh, if I could just get like all 12 people to show up instead of just the 9 or so we get because someone is sick or out for the weekend or whatever. LOL Well, it should be getting better as time passes. Anyway, this is what I will leave you with today. Poor Borin. Poor, poor Borin.

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Hellzfury said...

We haven't gotten in a year....besides the pair I got a few weeks ago >.>