Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Struggle no more.

I have been working pretty hard to get my Assault Rank up pretty quickly and by virtue of the fact that I opened it up for all the members of CiB (CoveredinBees, my semi-social, semi-offtime-Versus-members-hangout LS) there are now many people that are getting pretty high in rank. Omoikitte is the highest I believe having the highest rank possible at this time, next is Eternalpain, Jess and I on the 7th rank and trying to get the 8th rank (I actually have the quest open and I will work on it tonight) a whole slew of people at rank 6, then a smattering of people at 3-5. I haven't really been balancing the new runs versus points runs versus going back for lower people rank up runs. I think what I am going to do is ask what piece people want most then start pairing down some of the runs and pairing people up to help them get points more quickly, since once people are rank 9, or after the update rank 10, gear is going to be the main focus, and Salvage will become easier because points wont be needed for gear. I have tried to make a system for Assaults so I know what runs people have finished but I am finding it a little harder than I expected. I was peeking through the Assault Point items I had available and I decided to pick up that Vision Earring I was talking about: I know the stats don't look amazing but Ranged Accuracy in the ear slot is hard to come by.

I know I started with Assault, but I probably should have started with the new information that SE posted today.

The August version update will bring revisions to the use of two-handed weapons, as well as a number of modifications to several jobs.
In this edition of Topics, we would like to elaborate on the changes that will be made to the two-handed weapon system. Job changes will be described in length in a future Topics article.

Two-handed weapons

Up until now, there have been instances in which the attack frequency and speed generated by dual wielding would greatly surpass those of two-handed weapons. We have since examined this issue from every conceivable angle, and as a result have decided to reconsider the frequency and delay calculation methods for two-handed weapons.

This month's version update will see the introduction of a new type of gear called "grips," which players can equip in their offhand weapon slot when using a two-handed weapon. We are also planning to apply changes to associated weapon skills as well.

Attacking with two-handed weapons

The new modifications will be set up so that a character's attribute scores will enhance attack benefits to a greater extent when wielding a two-handed weapon than when using a single-handed weapon. Further, when attacking high-level opponents or enemies with high defense, two-handed weapons will deal more damage than they have in the past.

A word on grips

While not designed to bring about radical improvements, grips are a new lineup of items which can be used in tandem with two-handed weapons as a means of wielding them more effectively. They accomplish this by enhancing a weapon's benefits while compensating for shortcomings. Grips will not be limited to offensive weapons, as some will be tailored to mages and their indispensable staves.
Different grips will allow players to adapt to specific situations depending on the type of two-handed weapon they are using, as well as the type of enemy they are fighting. Players should be advised, however, that changing grips mid-combat will result in a loss of TP. Therefore, no grip's benefits will be restricted to the execution of weapon skills.

Rethinking weapon skills

The majority of two-handed weapon skills already stand to see a vast improvement based on the changes described above. However, we will also be retooling the characteristics of several particular weapon skills in order to enhance their usability.

I have three words to describe this. Oh. My. God. This is just awesome. The very first thing that struck me is the -3% Weapon Delay at level 55, think what you will get at 75 since most gear doesn't even start getting good until the late 50's but I have some much more detailed thoughts after those initial impressions.

1. They are changing the basic damage calculations for the two-handed weapons. This will probably be done by making the two-handed weapon calculation more like Ranged Attack calculations moving away from the way melee damage is calculated now. This means not only will two-handers will hit for more, they will also have to consider stacking more STR, even for TP build. In this case, for example, a SAM may now choose a Haubergeon over a Shura Togi if the fSTR is modified like ranged attack (where STR is multiplied in the base damage calculation). This should be emphasized again because, although the grips are more visible, changing the damage calculations of two-handed weapons will have a more fundamental effect on damage and will likely be the determining factor as to whether a two-handed weapon user will be able to keep up with dual wielder. Here is the rub; one has to be the winner. I think even though I have more interest in seeing two-handers come out on top, I think that dual -wielders should be the ultimate winners. I fundamentally believe that a Ridill WAR should be the epitome of a DD. A very hard to get weapon stacked with the number 1 melee DD job and a little bit of a tank thrown in. I just like the concept.

2. Grips. The first thing they says is that they will not be ground-breaking but honestly a level 55 item with essentially 3% haste speaks volumes. We spend millions on 3% haste and make substantial cuts in other areas just to use that 3%, so I think the benefits might be a bit larger than they say. Sure not "causes weapon to occasionally attack 2-3 times" but I think 5% delay reduction by level 75 is something we should expect to see and 5% delay reduction on my SAM that already stands at 20% haste without Hasso is just damn nice. I mean before outside considerations my SAM will be looking 20% haste +10% haste from Hasso +a middle-case scenario of 5% delay reduction, I will be swinging at 2/3 of my base delay for a delay before Haste or March of 312, which is just damn fast. The main question at that point is how does this "delay reduction" effect TP build? Is it going to be like Dual Wield reduction and reduce the TP production or is it going to be like like Hasso which is just basically weapon Haste? I have other questions about this like where does it leave MNK? What about their extra slot? A change in their damage calculation? What about BLU/THF? Since BLU has very limited shield selection, would grips server them better? My guess on all of this is that they will be designed for traditional two-handed weapons and wont be equipable without a Great Katana, Great Axe, Great Sword, Scythe, Polearm or Staff equipped. A system error like trying to equip a single-handed weapon in the off-hand without one in the main-hand might be the solution. The description of the item that has been shown says it only decreases delay for two-handed weapon users, but what about other stats?

3. Weaponskill changes and job adjustments are only hinted at here but may end up being even more important than all of this. New WS calculations might be nice depending on what they change and how the fundamental change in damage calculation for two-handed weapons is handled. Job changes have had little to no direct discussion besides the stated improvements for PUPs, many players complaints about BST and the statement that all jobs will have to be adjusted to accommodate new jobs in the expansion. SE will give us more on this later, and I will be waiting with bated breath.

Finally, for today (which is really late because of meetings and such) a review of our relatively easy and getting easier Omega. Since we now have more than 18 people for Limbus, a change from just two weeks ago when we couldn't get more that 12 for an Omega run, we have been focusing on just that, Omega. The winners this time were Izman and Hellz. Izman getting the hands for his PLD, besides the Haste for his PLD/NIN for future Ultimas, the hands also have enmity and significant HP/MP bonuses and Hellz getting the legs for his DRG, more haste for him to TP build in an a little bit of accuracy thrown in.
Finally, here is Aable's beauty shot in his new Hecatomb Harness. And thats it for today. See you tomorrow.

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....we can rebuild him........

(-% weapon delay grip gears)...

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