Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Don't have any pictures today as just about nothing of importance happened yesterday. I can literally review yesterday in a couple of sentences. Sky, got some NM's. God's dropped literally nothing of use. D. Hands, 2 M. Head and Seiryu's Sword. Tried to XP my MNK, first party just collapsed, no real reason, just didn't work out. Second party took hours to set up, and didn't last very long at all. Almost all of the people in the party didn't even have the Azouph Isle Staging Point, so I had to take them by boat to Nashmau, then after two people left, had to wait another hour or so for them to get there and then ended shortly thereafter because I needed to sleep.

Thats yesterday.

Today? Nothing eventful is going on either. Supposed to do some KSNM's and BCNM's but meh.

So what do I do with all this space? I am at a loss. I need SE to give me something, or something to strike me as interesting to write about today, but yesterday just drained me. LOL

I think I am going to write one of those e-mail blogs one of these days, where I will let people write e-mails or I will answers comments, but I can't do that today.

I could make fun of myself for making fun of Izman about getting Diorite. That is a funny little story worthy of a little bit of blog space. So, when Izman joined Versus it was back in the day when Ullikummi was camped 24/7 by RMT, so we got very few Autumnstones and were hardly ever able to spawn Byakko because of dwindling numbers, this was about the time that we closed Versus to the general public and switched focus, etc. Anyway... Izman didn't see more than one or two Byakko's at that time, but when SE fixed Ullikummi to spawn it with Diorite, we reformed and started with Diorite farming, the really funny thing was that I said we could farm as much Diorite as we want but Despot is going to be real problem and Iz asked why, LOL because we literally never needed a Despot in the entire time that he didn't even kill a Despot before the Ulli fix. So, here is the funny thing, we now get more Despots than we know what to do with... LOL and we don't have the Diorites we need. And so Izman ended up being right, and we only need Diorite because thats the hardest item to get for us.

Ok... that was really funny in my head. Meh. Well, even with our horrible Byakko Haidate string of like 0/10, we are still getting them out pretty damn fast. We have been able to really open up the lotting on the Haidate now, and I would say even with a reasonable 50% drop rate on Haidate we should be able to get Haidate to something like free lot status in less than a month. I mean we are sitting on 4 Despot gems, and I would say it is now a rare day when we don't get a Despot instead of the other way around. God... the definition of Sky success is having to farm Diorite all the time because you have too many Despots. I will be so happy the day we have Haidate go free lot.

I think I going to start going over the LS, and trying to figure out a good set up to start doing some KS99's. We have already beaten the Behemoth one, failed the Adamatoise one and we haven't tried the Wyrm one yet. I think we have a very good set up for the Wyrm one, several good tanks, several good BLM, several good RNG and several good RDM/DRK. I am now sitting on like two or three KS99 stacks, and it would be nice to burn through them. The thought of a Speed Belt is nice, but honestly a good chance at getting Black Belt items is what really appeals to me. The KS30's are essentially not worth it anymore and the rare drops in the KS99 are much more appealing.

This entry sucked, sorry, can't win everyday. Maybe something decent tomorrow. :)

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