Monday, June 11, 2007

Where was I?

Ahh, yes, I post I am never going to finish. Well, I just solved that problem, I am just not going to finish it, it was too much to go over so I am just going to go over the things that I want to talk about. I had the worst weekend of my life so I didn't really play at all, so not much to go over currently. Though sometime late on Sunday night I did get my BRD to 35, which was nice, but since I didn't feel like staying up and dealing with my crappy connection I just went to bed relatively early. I like playing BRD, I am just having problems setting my font colors so that I can see when I need to debuff. I would like to get to a point where I can do this naturally but I am not always facing the mob, so it is more difficult than I anticipated.

Let us talk about something I have wanted to talk about for days, and that is the Perdu Blade. I am just going to go ahead and say it, and I have been rather cautious on this one, asking about on different forums and trying to get a feeling for what other people have to say, but what I knew from the start is still what I know now. This is the new best off-hand katana for NIN. Period. This is a 190 delay katana, designed for the off-hand obviously, with relatively high damage and a great +5 accuracy and +15 attack (assumed to be around there could be a little more or a little less) it appears to be unstoppable. Sadly, it is not available yet. The item is in the game, you can purchase it from the gate guards in Aht Urhgan, that is if you have the ISP for it, and you were the proper rank, which I am not, and neither is anyone else, because they have yet to release the new rank up quest or the new missions that will follow them. And this makes me pull my hair out. Sorry, spent all morning looking for new jobs, so this is all you get before lunch, but I really do have more coming. After lunch of course.

So, seeing that, what else stood out to me? Your friendly, neighborhood NIN, DRG, SAM, RNG took a peek around and this is what appealed to him.
Now, this is quite a fine piece. It completely replaces the Harmonia's Torque for tanking on my NIN. +3 Enmity is alone to put it on that platform but additional HP and evasion can never be a bad thing. It seems this is the first piece of equipment for the neck that a NIN can wear that is actually dedicated to NIN's actually tanking. The only bad thing about it is that it is only from Einherjar, and I dont know when we will be doing that.

Here is another head turner, the Buccaneer's Belt: Man, this would be fantastic for my RNG. The ranged accuracy is better than my Precise Belt and the STR is always appreciated on my RNG. I doubt the -enmity will have much benefit because, a big Slug Shot is always going to pull hate, but over time it will definitely be useful. There are a bunch of other nifty gadgets that they have added to the update, but others have covered those by now.

I finally got my Scarlet Odoshi for my Myochin Kote +1, which is really nice, more and more STR for my SAM. :) I will pick them up tonight if I have time to do Limbus, which I am not really sure about right now.

I think that is it for today, still a ton of things going on, and I barely have time to write this, see you tomorrow.


Thazienne said...

Good luck with the job hunting! ^.^/ /tentacles.

Drac said...

I know the job hunt all too well of late.

Far as font colors go, I have all my melee macros backed up on one POL slot, and mage on another. It saves your font colors and map markers too, so on mage I have the "actions started" color a deep orange, easily distinguishable from the rest of my text.

Then just make sure you have the correct filter so it displays these things on screen, and you're golden.