Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Longest post ever. Phase 3.

Ok, because of work and other circumstances this is going to be a later post. Also, because of the update and everything involved, it is going to be the longest post I have ever done. Ok, lets start with the update. The update was in a word, mediocre. I expected more, but with the quality of the last two updates, its hard to not be let down because they did such a good job fixing a ton of things in the last update. It just felt to me like this update wasn't a full update, like there were a couple of things left off, to make sure this update met a certain window. Now, looking at it, it kind of makes sense, there is probably a very strict time frame for when the updates have to be done because there are only 2-3 more updates left before the new expansion comes out. There have only been two updates so far this year, so maybe August for the next then, November/December for the expansion. I am hoping for 2 between that time, but the storyline for ToA is wrapping up, the last end-game area has been released, the items for the 9th Assault Rank are released even if they are not yet available, as those Assaults haven't been added but they will be added shortly. So, now that I have thought about it, there is probably only one more update before the expansion is released, which will give us the last Assault Rank, and... I don't know what. So what happened in this update? Let us review. First, a couple new missions. Sadly, it appears that Aphmau loves Lazuf more that Taj, /comfort Taj XD. Anyway, the storyline is again awesome, but the fights... meh. Head to the Black Coffin, for another cutscene. And then catch a glimpse of what is in story in the future for Lazuf. Making pacts with the underworld is never a good idea, even if you are dead. I have tried the fight, and lost with 4 people, but four people can easily do the fight, only reason we lost is because we ran out of time with the mob at 30%. We started without kiting, but if we had started with it we would have easily won. That was a bit garbled so let me explain, we went Nin, Nin, Smn, Whm. Straight fought it OK until it summoned a bunch of duplicates, at which point a NIN got owned and we had to kite the duplicates until they despawned, then we switched over to kiting while weakened and let the SMN do the damage. Aable and I just bounced it around for a while and just kept at it, but alas time expired and we were booted, but that was fine because we had to make it to an Einherjar run, the next major part of the update.

More tomorrow, its just not getting done today. Too many meetings.

6/7 continued...

OK, so Einherhar. Its pretty rough. To start you need to buy a lamp from a new NPC in Nashmau for 180k, you only need one lamp per run and then you can split it between everyone going, making this event very cheap comparitively. There are usually three different kinds of mobs to start. There are two groups of mobs, and a boss. Apparently, there is also another mob named after one of Odin's pets that spawns about mid-way through and if killed weakens the boss. Our experience was not that great. Krakens and undead and we had a horribly unbalanced alliance. All NIN's and WAR's and out of 23 people, 1 RDM and 1 WHM. We were doomed to lose from the start, but I think next time we go it will be better, but honestly we are going to wait a week or two, so that information can be collected. This is one of the xp scrolls that drops from the mobs in the zone. I don't know if we have the people right now to head in to test things out, although it is incredibly cheap to do this event. There might be some collaboration between Lineage and Versus to do this, but we will see. Things we know so far about the event: if you pull one mob of a type, they all will link. I believe they aggro normally but we didn't check. We haven't figured out yet if kiting or sleeping is the best route, but the problem we had was that it was cramped and the BLM's were destroyed when the mobs started waking up. We tried sac pulling the boss but it didn't go over that well, getting some links and it did an AoE knock-back that destroyed almost everyone. Ahh, well, live and learn.

God, I am not getting a moment to myself the last couple of days. >.< Lunch Update.

I am back to say this is too big, I will have to do it over a couple of days, and considering the amount of RL stuff going on, it wont be much more than this for today.

Ok, onto the rewards for Einherjar. There are several new pieces of gear which can be purchased from the NPC that gives you the lamp to do Einherjar, and there are two new sets of abjurations that come from the zone as well as some of the old abjuration sets. So far from the zones that are open we have only seen hands and feet of the old and new abjurations.

By the way, I am not feeling good today, its been a lousy week, so if this is late, deal.

I don't have any substantial data on the new sets of abjurations yet, but I do have screenshots of the new gear that can be purchased with the points/ampules you get from winning an Einherjar zone. Lets start at the end, there two sets of rubber items and nether chains which are used to craft the new cursed gear for the new abjurations, these I believe cost 5000 ampules to purchase. Everything else costs 15000 ampules to purchase, and some of the gear is very good. This is not the order they appear on the list from the NPC but this is all of the gear. A very interesting piece for PUP but it is going to be rather difficult to come by. Consider the fact that it is so good for only one job I wonder why they put it here.

Its not been a good week here. No more for today. I am going home.


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"God, I am not getting a moment to myself the last couple of days. >.< Lunch Update."