Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekends are Bloggerific!

I don't even know where to start. Actually, yes I do. Aable should be coming home from the hospital today, which is a very positive development, but he still has a bunch more surgery and recovery to go through, so we need to press harder for the campaign to get Aable on the Food Network! More e-mails! And get better Aable! I will have the Food Network information at the end of this post again today!

And now for my weekend, which was very busy and I am probably going to get it out of order so I will do it by groupings. Lets start with Dracholox Nodropnix. I have heard horror stories about this guy never spawning, but he wasn't too bad for us, but we didn't make a whole lot of friends in Gustav Tunnel. Our policy for getting him to spawn was pretty simple, Scorched Earth. LOL We just killed every goblin and crab in the area. At first we were kind of hesitant to kill all of the goblins because there were usually one or two people people killing the Goblin Shepard's pet leeches. The problem was that we weren't sure which goblins were the placeholders, the Mercenaries or the Shepards, and even when we tried to avoid them it was hard to avoid aggro when we were killing other things, so we just ended up pulling the Shepards close to where the other people were camping and letting them take the pets. One JP BLM was definitely not pleased when we started killing the Shepards, but was much more delighted when we started pull them to him, because he was able to avoid aggro and get kills more efficiently. Anyway, the first night Izman, Jess, Eternalpain and Omoi helped out with the camping but he didn't even spawn, so we went back the next day. And this time at least he spawned, and we got him another time also, and neither time he dropped anything more than all his armor. It was time to call in the big guns, you needed a Rare/Ex drop MASTER! That is one Agent 00RAWR! Kitty Thazienne! And in another show of the absolute greatness of the master THF and all around amazing human being, Kitty even camped it for me, when I was on a mission helping Lilkathy beat the Mammets CoP fight! And he got it to spawn! It was then unilaterally declared that I should quickly head to Gustav to get the kill, while other people were still getting ready for the mission. So Omoi and I headed down there very quickly to meet up with Kitty. The funny thing is that every time we fought him he would Goblin Rush me to strip my shadows then EES me >.< Like clockwork, LOL. I wonder if its a mechanic of the mob. Anyway, with the Rare/Ex master Thaz with us, there was only one possible outcome! Thank you Kitty! And everyone else that helped too! I really appreciate the time and the effort, but apparently Izman is not to thrilled with me... I have killed his chance to get Great Axe skill ups. LOL Anyway, this story goes in two directions, the Othinus' Bow and the Mammets fight. Lets start with the Mammets.

Now, Lilkathy asked us to help with the Mammet fight and because she has just joined Versus she is going to need Sea access and apparently she wanted to get it started quickly. Eternalpain, Lilkathy, Jess, Tamarisk, Omoi and I were the line up. We did a little bit of running around, and we were quickly at Monarch Linn after my quick detour to Gustav Tunnel. We just used the usual super PLD method to beat the fight, it was a lot more simple than the last time I remember doing this and I had much worse gear. LOL Someone said good luck before the fight, and I just said, we don't need luck. These fights used to be so hard for people. Now they are jokes, and time sinks. We don't do these things pick up, we go to win. I don't think it is arrogant to say that I knew we were going to win, because I trust the people with which we were doing this fight. I was very happy to see that Lilkathy got the win, and I know she was getting her CS's for the next fight, and I know I said I didn't want to do this all again, LOL but there are some people I have no problem help. Lilkathy and EP are definitely two people for which I would do just about anything. Anyway, I foresee a little more CoP action for Lilkathy soon.

Now for the other direction for my trip to Gustav Tunnel, my Othinus' Bow. This thing hits like a Mac truck! It is amazing, 15 TP return on a crossbow? Are you kidding me? My Slugshots were almost as high as my Sidewinders, and even my Holy Bolts were proc'ing very well, with only Suzaku Sune-ate for addition MND. Now, I am really looking at a MND set up, and I think these look very, very attractive... and I can't find a picture of them. Ok, I am looking at Aqua Rings. Strength +2, Dexterity -2, Mind +5 looks very attractive for building TP with Holy Bolts. I bet my DoT is better with the O Bow than it is with Selene's Bow, because I can build TP faster and get more Slugshots off. I am thinking maybe on Behemoth Ring and one Aqua Ring for TP build, and I should easily still be able to eat meat. I am also looking around at other +MND gear but I really generally like how much TP set-up is looking right now, so I don't know how much more I want to swap in but I can probably afford to give up a little but of ranged accuracy for more MND. So give me a heads up on good MND gear. Speaking of which I need to invest in a little coinage from Limbus to get my AF +1 hands made, I have the Limbus items already for it.

Lets see, whats next, I thing I will make a quick wander over to Dynamis. Now, let me say this, in the past I have had very large issues with my Dynamis LS, Obsidian. I think the way they go about things with regards to some things is wrong, even to this day, but I can say that I believe that the leadership has in general made some major improvements. The general attitude has improved, there are less random rule changes, and we are increasingly focused on getting AF from outlands rather than just farming for coins in the easier zones. There are still leaders I have problems with like one I think that has no idea what they are doing, and one that just screams about deducting points from anyone that doesn't pay attention (LOL Come on, we aren't GWS, we don't need things like that), but I do believe that these people at very least have the best interest of the LS at heart now. Anyway, we had a great Xarcabard run on Sunday. It's pretty evident how good a run is going to be on just the first pull. If the mobs are dying quickly and no players are dying, then it is going to go well. If it is slower and a few people are dropping here and there, it just sets a bad tone for the entire run. We got a bunch of drops including a MNK crown finally for Mr. Glacian! He has been waiting quite some time for this and it now makes him 5/5 even before Olandu because of Olandu's AFK for the MNK Body at our last Beaucidine. Glacian is now 5/5 on SAM and MNK, and is leveling NIN for all three of the Far East jobs. The main goal of the run though was to go for the win which I have, for reasons beyond my control (usually travel), missed every single Dynamis Lord run for the entire time I have been in Obsidian. I had just gotten my RNG to 75 and still needed to get my Marksmanship capped (remember I mostly use Bow) and Ladyrikku suggested Flashy Shot for the RNG's and I didn't want to lack it, so I merited Sunday morning with Charlet and Omoi and some other BBQ people. I got enough merits for Flashy Shot and about 7k buffer on RNG, for the run. Then it was rushing around in prep for the run, and still ended up forgetting sleep pots and my Opo-opo necklace. So we killed off the NM's as normal, headed to the dragon's, killed them and then pulled Ying and Yang. There were killed relatively close to each other and have very interesting dialogue when they die. Then it was on to Dynamis Lord himself, the fight was pitched, and I did just about nothing, LOL. Slugshot, missed, Barrage for full TP, then bam, dead. At some point my RR got dispelled or something, and I just got to watch as the BLM's took out DL, for the rest of us. The first zerg was great, but the Oblivion Smash or whatever killed everyone was a real blow, but not too much. Fight was maybe a minute or two in total. It was really fast and even though I did next to nothing in the fight, it was still neat to see the Dynamis Lord taken down with such ease, and I even got this spiffy new title. ^.^/

For the last Versus event for the weekend, we did another Zhaylom Remnants Salvage run to try to kill the Poroggo Madame and get the piece from it. The REAL problem we are having with this run is that we are not clearing the first floor anywhere near fast enough. Even when we have just a few people we should be splitting up the group or we are never going to kill them fast enough. And since with Zhaylom you can tell exactly which mobs drop which items, I think we would be well served to make a list of all of the drops and who gets them and exactly how many mobs we need to kill in each wing. We only do Salvage once a week now so we have less time to work out what we are going to do than people that do 2-3 runs a week. Anyway, we didn't have a lot of time on the third floor but we did manage to kill all the Mamool Ja and the Archaic Rampart and got the Poroggo Madame to spawn, but two back to back Water Bombs and a Thundaga III and we were done for, and with no time left to recover it was another rather fruitless run, but we are getting closer which is nice. I really like Salvage, but its probably the thing that people attend the least in Versus, because of timing and general interest I believe, but we should have more next week.

That is all of the major news from the weekend, but I am not even close to going over all of the things I do. Lets go next to the new Sky teleport quest, and finally the usefulness of the green teleport pads in Sky. I headed on up to Sky to get the quest activated after changing my title to Warrior of the Crystal in Tavnazian Safehold, and got a neat little dialogue about becoming registered there, Eternalpain then picked up a clear chip for me and it was off to Mea to plug it into the Strange Device there. I quickly tele'd to Sky just to see how it worked and while I was there I got this really cool screenshot, and a little flex posing. :)
At some point, Omoi demanded that I clean out my Mog House a little because I am always running out of space so I finished up the BLU flag quest to get rid of the Dangruf stone that I had. And man, this is a creepy storyline, the Immortals implanting something into you, and you being bound to the empire? Is this like some kind of creepy movie? LOL Anyway, that was done, and on to more junk. Eternalpain, Omoi and I did the Ifrit fight that I needed to fight to be able to do the Fenrir fight which was pretty important even though I think I would like some gear from the individual avatars also. Ifrit was a little bit more difficult than Ramuh, and I didn't resist its two hour like I did for Ramuh, but it was still very easy. Speaking of Eternalpain, he finally got his BLM hat back from the Limbus NPC after the conquest tally, and he was quite proud of himself. He claims a nice increase in damage on his nukes, and it is better than him running around hatless all the time. Definitely a much better look for himself than just being Mr. Blonde.

In all my running around this weekend, I saw this nice THF, with the second best ring in the game. A Divisor Ring which has its latent active at level 75. Second only to a Mars Ring, in my opinion, and a rare appraisal from a level 7 Assault, one that I should be trying to get to as soon as possible. So much to do and so little time. Also in my running around I found these new mobs, the Goblin Bounty Hunters. LOL These guys move at flee speed and basically keep the shores of Vana'diel safe from RMT fish botters. LOL Yeah, you RMT's freaking DIE.

To finish this long as hell post, here is the last thing I was doing yesterday. Yep, that is me playing as my now level 10 BRD. LOL Omoi and I are leveling SAM and BRD, and when I get to 37 she is switching to RDM and we are then going to level 75 with them. It means I have to level WHM ; ; But it was fun and really didn't take very long at all with the new Signet update. Hopefully more about my BRD gear in the near future! LOL That was my weekend, packed full! Sorry about the late publication of this but I hope you liked it! I know I did!

Also your daily Aable reminder!

I am going to start with the best way to help Aable as he is going through his physical troubles, as per his request.
After Dealing with ulcerative colitis since around 2003, finally things have gotten bad enough I have been in the hospital since St. Patrics day. I decided I will be going in for surgerie. March 29 sometime in the afternoon. I will be having Laparoscopic abdominal colectomy and ileostomy for any of you medicaly intersted people. Basically my large intestine will be totally removed. and i will have a poo pouch for a while. Then basically a section of my small instestine is formed into a new mini Colin while this is all going on called a j pouch. and my digestive tract is reconnected though that. my estimated recovery time in the hospital is somewhere around a couple weeks followed by other outpatient recovery.

In all I should end up with a better quality of life then i have been dealing with for the past few years so wish me luck. If you see someone around as me the next few weeks its (Exodus(Wargod))rob)

--On another note, since this sucks so bad anyone who wants to do something cool for me, please corrdinate with Ringthree; I am trying to see If i can get the foodnetwork to give me a free Trip to see Emeril Live maybe even convince him to do a special show basied on my condition or UC in general.----

Kelly Beattie

Ok, so here is what you can do. Send a e-mail to Emeril Live via the Food Network. If you don't know what exactly to say, or if you don't know Aable but just want to help him out, then please just use the following message. Cut and paste, easy as the proverbial pie.
Hello, my name is (put your name here) and I writting on behalf of a close friend Kelly Beattie. Kelly is currently suffering from Ulcerative colitis (Ulcerative colitis is a form of colitis, a disease of the intestine, specifically the large intestine or colon, that includes characteristic ulcers, or open sores, in the colon) which has currently confined him to a hospital and has severely limited his ability to eat as he wishes. I was hoping that you could help him in his time of need. Kelly has a great love of life, and his greatest love in life is food. Even though suffering from UC, he manages to entertain himself and friends with cooking and the stories of how much he loves to cook. His current hospitalization has prevented him from being able to engage in cooking for obvious reasons. So I am writing on behalf of Kelly to ask if you could do something for him, in the form of having Kelly on Emeril Live! and focusing an episode on how to person suffering from UC can learn to cook for themselves in a healthy and enjoyable way. UC takes so much of what Kelly loves, and I was hoping that you could take the time to help Kelly, and embrace Kelly's wish that people with UC learn that they can enjoy eating and learn to cook in a healthy manner for themselves!

Thank you so much for listening, Kelly will appreciate it!
(Your name here)

Just spam them! Send as many or as few e-mails as you like! Aable will appreciate it and hopefully he will be back soon with a new and improved colon! LOL

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