Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to the Shrine.

The funny things that happen in FFXI are sometimes even better than the good things that happen in FFXI. Yesterday was a good day, but even better it was funny day. So, for no other reason than to engage in chronological consistency, lets start with Sky. Sky is great now, I mean really great, the RMT are still there and they are worse than they used to be because they are getting to be really freaking desperate, but they are obviously fighting a losing battle. For example, as I am getting to Sky, everyone is already moving to claim Faust as we had been just a little late to get Zip moments before, so we head on up to Faust trying to beat the RMT there. No real problem with the pull, but I get to tank Faust as NIN/DRK which was fun to say the least. We had a couple of new people in Sky that didn't really understand that they had to have blockaid on, and the RMT took advantage. Their PLD cured one person, then did the normal steal effects, Invincible, etc. and take it up to our mages to MPK them. It was moderately successful but we managed to get some of the hate back, and while this was happening a GM sent me a tell about a previous RMT problem. So the PLD dies and as we are managing to get things under control, and then I zone... I mean I zoned as if I was going between different zones but it was back to the very place to where I was standing, thus causing a quick loss of claim, but we got it back because the RMT PLD had already homepointed. Shortly after that our BLM's drop a couple of ES Burst's and Faust was dead, just to get the fight done quickly. While I was quickly trying to talk to the GM while tanking (not that easy, especially for a controller user) the GM, right after I "zoned," said something like "There now you should be safe from an MPK and we can talk," but afterward claimed they had nothing to do with it, and that sometimes you "resynch" into the game. I call BS, I think he thought I was being trained on, instead of like an actual steal MPK, and thus thought he was saving me. Well, anyway, it didn't matter because we won and I found out this little bit of information: Very interesting if true, but Luminious is kind of known for being hot and cold and making things up as he goes along, so I don't know if it is true or not. Anyway, that was just the first fiasco of the night. LOL

Let me say this, with NIN/DRK trying to tank with a NIN/WAR is more difficult than I thought but for a different reason than I expected, it is too easy to build far too much hate. It can be difficult to balance hate when you have so many hate tools available. I think balancing with a PLD/NIN would be much easier, because they have more tools than those available to a NIN/WAR. Truthfully, while fighting Genbu and Byakko I didn't think much about balancing hate, and I should have been. Genbu didn't matter, but three triple attacks in a row from Byakko and you are going to be eating cerment, as I did. I was trying to get as much hate as I could, which was problematic for Akanea and myself. LOL I think that until we have another NIN/DRK or Iz comes PLD/NIN to balance the hate load, I will be going NIN/WAR. I will trying NIN/DRK a couple of more times to fix my hate mongering issues, but if its too hard to balance I will just go back to NIN/WAR on gods and stick with SATA for hate. I do like NIN/DRK better because it feels more like I am in control of hate rather than subject to SATA, because even with a ton of enmity on, I am just not going to keep hate against big spells and WS's.

Speaking of Byakko eating my face, which the big tiger did quite handily, we managed to get a great drop set on our first kitty in a while. Congrats to Iceblazek and Gordor on Neptunal Hands and Dryadic Legs respectively. Izman also got a Byakko's Axe, and we got assorted other drops, including some bank items for a little bit of money for everyone. In a moment reserved for funny, as well as good, Omoi managed to D/C right before trading the stones for Byakko. This was the opportune moment for poking, and fun was had by all. :) Overall, Versus is turning back into the largish Sky shell that it was before the RMT take over, we are just able to do a lot of things we weren't able to do before because everyone now has Sea, so Limbus and Sea are options, also Salvage of which I wish we were doing more, but I understand the need to focus on other things for people that need gear. It has been a good week for us definitely and it is only Wednesday. :) Oh, speaking of which, we got our first Yin Yang Robe in the LS yesterday. Sholo got the ToD on Shikagami Weapon and it finally dropped, even though we have gotten claim many times before. >.< So congrats to Sholo on his new Robe (and we still owe Biblo one).
Right after Sky, I was able to again level my RNG, which was great. The party was Gordor, Iceblazek, Izman, Crois (a nice JP RDM that has partied with us in the past), another JP WHM and I. This was the best party we have had so far, getting pretty high chains at the Mamool Ja camp near the entrance to the Jade Sepulcher. Chain 11 was our best of the night, I believe but when pulled correctly we were easily able to get to Chain 7 or 8 with regularity, the one Mamool Ja Infiltrator being our consistant downfall. But the XP was great, managing to easily get the last 26k I needed for 75 on RNG. Well, I finally got it! Wootz! I now have to get a buffer, because I am only about 1k above my level, then I really need to start filling in the gaps, Archer's Knife and Drone Earrings being the first things that need to go. I feel so gimp with those on, but now that I am 75 I can round out the rest of my gear and not be so... average. LOL So the camping of O Bow begins in earnest tonight, and I will also be doing much more meriting on my NIN, and then farming for yummy items like the "Oh my god the sky is falling price" E Bow, a Triumph Earring and ultimately a Woodville's Axe or even a Kriegsbiel. My NIN has been a bit neglected in parties as of late and I would like to get it out to stretch my legs a bit. Time to get those Katana and Archery merits.

Well, tonight is Dynamis-Xarcabard, nothing much that I want or need from there right now, so it will be a fun run for me. I was wondering though, which job I should take to the next Dynamis Lord run on Sunday, SAM or RNG. If anyone has any input on that decision I would like to hear it! :)

Also, tomorrow, and everyday after that I will have an e-mail for people to send to Emeril on the Food Network about Aable, with the ultimate goal of getting him to go on one of Emeril's shows! So more about that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ok round 2

After Dealing with ulcerative colitis since around 2003, finally things have gotten bad enough I have been in the hospital since St. Patrics day. I decided I will be going in for surgerie. March 29 sometime in the afternoon. I will be having Laparoscopic abdominal colectomy and ileostomy for any of you medicaly intersted people. Basically my large intestine will be totally removed. and i will have a poo pouch for a while. Then basically a section of my small instestine is formed into a new mini Colin while this is all going on called a j pouch. and my digestive tract is reconnected though that. my estimated recovery time in the hospital is somewhere around a couple weeks followed by other outpatient recovery.

In all I should end up with a better quality of life then i have been dealing with for the past few years so wish me luck. If you see someone around as me the next few weeks its (Exodus(Wargod))rob)

--On another note, since this sucks so bad anyone who wants to do something cool for me, please corrdinate with Ringthree; I am trying to see If i can get the foodnetwork to give me a free Trip to see Emeril Live maybe even convince him to do a special show basied on my condition or UC in general.----

Kelly Beattie

Ringthree said...

You heard him! I am going to set up something in the next day or two and it will be at the top of all my posts on what to e-mail, where to e-mail and what you too can do for the AABLE!

Aable, do you prefer Emeril? Or another show, there doesn't seem to be a generic e-mail to send.

Thanks man, and get better, this sounds like after some time life will be getting better :)

Ailee said...

Obsi would probably want your rng.

Nivaud said...

RNG/SAM or RNG/WAR, and bring pots and icarus wings.

Anonymous said...

gm luminous = best gm ever

Anonymous said...


tk_demetrius said...

in my experience you really don't need nin/drk for sky. Its a bit overkill. nin/war with a enmity set for voke is all thats required for anything up there. a /thf or two and you're set for any god.
defender is a pretty nice bonus for stuff like faust and byakko as well.

Ringthree said...

Yeah, too much hate >.< but it is a good place to test out the mechanics of the set up because I have never tried it before, not too dangerous, mobs you already know, etc.

Tog from Ifrit said...

hit me up with the good will e-mail.
oh and by the way; KRAKEN EATER DRK!!! omg.