Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Placeholder Day.

A quick run down on my day, then my consternation over RNG. First was Limbus. LOL Although this picture is of a wipe we didn't really have much of a problem with SE Apollyon, just a bad pull on the Inhumer level. A couple of bad Blood Weapons and we are all dead. :) Just got up and finished up the zone, but I thought this picture was pretty cute, so I grabbed it. We did get some good Apollyon AF +1 drops, like NIN, BLM and RDM. I think that Eternalpain got a full set for BLM, so that is good. :) Got another Smalt Chip for Omega, which gives Elfaria another half set toward Omega. Right before Limbus, I was able to pick up my Loquacious Earring. I hope this helps with my NIN/DRK which I should be able to test out in Sky today. ^.^/ I think I should have well more than enough MP with my Turban, MP Merits, Loquacious and /DRK. I still need to practice the tanking style, as its not like /WAR where you get Provoke every 30 seconds and a few enfeebles in between. I don't know how good it will be on Gods considering the fact that we have a lot of SATA for those fights, but I figure this is a good place to test it out. And I have witnessed it working very well against Omega because SATA is not as reliable with its physical defense forms and hate resets. I figure Gods are a great place for testing because there is back up and we have done them many times in the past. After Limbus, we gathered most of the LS to go and do CoP 8-3 for Illius, Pb and Hellzfury, which went pretty well and we ended up getting something like 5 M Ghrah chips because we just farmed the zone while we were running about the zone. Glacian decided to blood tank the Ghrah NM at the end, which was pretty funny. LOL He did something like 3000 damage in 30 seconds but the NM ended up Sickle Slashed while it was in spider form. >.< Oh well, he was the only one that died and the whole thing went very smoothly.

Speaking of Gods, we have Sky again today, hopefully we will get to do Byakko *crosses fingers* not specifically planning on it, but it would be nice to get a try at the big Kitty.

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the last couple of weeks leveling my RNG to 75, and I wish I could say I was parsing better, and apparently the parses that people are using don't grab all of the information from a RNG because of being out of range to pick up the attacks. Maybe I should try running a parser but it sucks to have to turn off all of my filters and I don't really care that much to do it. LOL Ok, maybe I do because I wouldn't mention it, if I didn't. Well lets say that I am disappointed in my total damage output. I am thinking two things could be the issue here. 1) I am not 75, that is the obvious one because I am still missing some really good gear and 2) I need to melee. I dont know how good my damage output would be if I was meleeing but my TP build might be a little bit quicker. Allowing for more Sidewinders. I could also switch to Crossbow, which will be an option after I get 75 and camp O bow (which I really want to do now, but I need to focus on 75 *FOCUS* LOL). Ok, this is getting a bit repetitive, but once I do get to 75 I am definitely going to swap in more and more STR gear, because even at 73 level Archery skill I was parsing better than 90% Ranged Accuracy on Trolls. So at 75 with merits and Seiryu's Kote or Crimson Finger Gauntlets I will be able to easily use much more STR gear and I think I should look at some more Ranged Attack too.

I have noticed that people are progressing further in Salvage and the strategies are definitely becoming more refined, several people have been completing pieces, but Versus only had a few people show up on Sunday for our run (thus the switch to Sea instead) although I was one of them because I was out of town. I would also like to focus a small group on doing Nyzul Isle, but I don't really know anyone that has that kind of focus, even having an Assault group would be really nice, instead of just doing pick-ups all the time. It just seems that I have been spinning my wheels and not using all of my tags when I could be using them and I would really like to do that. I would really like to focus on Salvage, I just wish that they had a different way to access Salvage that using your freaking AP to get into it, it just kind of stupid, and they should have made it a separate system from the AP. I just want to use my tags when I have them instead of having them rot, and for once it would be nice to have someone ask me instead of asking other people to do things. :)

Like the title says it was a Placeholder Day yesterday, not much to mention that peaked my interest besides seeing more and more people getting Salvage pieces and thinking we could do that too, if people showed up. :)

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