Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wait... are you telling me that things actually drop in the Glacier?

I can tell you this, I have recently moved, and even though its only about 5-10 more minutes away from work this changes things a lot on Dynamis days. I already have to stay late at work to be able to bid on AF on the Obsidian website, then rush home to be ready in time. And if I plan on eating before the run its even closer, making it a close shave to make it home when I am bidding on a competitive piece. The leaders have mentioned moving the start time back to 7:30 which would help a little more I guess, if they move the close of the bids back a little also. Just a completely random commentary there.

Another comment on Obsidian is that this month's schedule is so much better than it has been in the past. Several unopposed outlands runs where we can get a full compliment of people rather than splitting a group of the best members to do a CoP area. It just hurts outlands runs where, to farm the most efficiently, we should have the largest group of the best people available. Last night we did Dynamis-Beaucidine, and it was the best outlands run I have ever been on with Obsidian. We pulled all four Dynamis Statues, and could have farmed even more Hydras than we did, I think. The run had a lot of good drops, especially from the Hydra mobs, in fact we got these two on the very first pull. You may have also noticed that I had lot on the Scout's Socks, and yep they were mine. :) Well, that resolves my foot gear question for my RNG rather quickly, no silly looking War Boots for me! ^.^/ Also, Ladyrikku got her NIN body, which for other circumstances, like runs she missed where it did drop (and I got lucky and got one!), she wasn't able to get it before now. So a big congratulations to her. Even more importantly to Glacian, congratulations on Melee Cyclas. He was supposed to have to lot with Olandu on this item, and when he lot something like a 118, he thought for sure that he lost it, but Olandu had apparently fallen asleep and Glacian ended up getting it unopposed! Now he just needs his Melee Crown and he will have two full sets of AF2. :)

Back to the run itself, because it is worthy of further mention. Again we did very well, and took down all of four of the Mega-bosses, that were "supposed" to weaken the dragons that come with the final Eye. This will be important later in the story, orz. Anyway, we don't often fight this NM and it just struck me as a little off. A goblin NM that is a Chicago White Sox fan? Anyway... LOL After this great run, we head down to get the win, everything goes normally, but apparently I got to be the lucky random target of Death... weee! X-( That isn't the worst of it, either. In what could be said to be the "worst idea ever" it is declared that we should fight the Pukis'... yeah... Oh well, I was already weakened so I get out of the way, then get eaten by of the Pukis completely at random. LOL We did kill the Fire and Wind Pukis before the kiter for the other two died and they came back and killed everyone else. I don't even know if this was the intention at the beginning of the run, but in the annals of bad ideas, this will be noted with infamy. LOL Oh, well, it was fun to try.

Immediately after Dynamis a couple of us geared up to help Lucella finish Promyvion-Vahzl, luckily she already had access to the bottom floor and we already had 3 sets of animas. We headed on down to the BC and the fight was simple and easy and best of all quick. This is how CoP missions should be done. :) Only took about 20 minutes from gearing up to warping out. I did have to borrow some gear though, because I don't really have a lot of 50 gear left over. So I was asking to bum some food, and this... this is what I got from Omoi: Thanks for the ice cream... LOL and she was indignant that I didn't want her ice cream. ^.^/ (Thats the evil version of that smilie, by the way). While we were still gearing up for the run, I came across this: A really sweet Kyudogi, something that I wish I had. :) It is an awesome piece and better yet, it is just awesome looking, I just love the badging across the front of the chest. It requires a Cerebrus hide and a Yoichi's Sash, both hard to come by pieces and a very high level synth.

After Vahzl, we headed out to XP again, as Ice, Iz and I have been doing a lot lately. Ice barely won the parse, but has a damage bonus on flies in the Mire where we have been xping so that I can do decent damage to mobs while being underleveled for the xp party. I have also been talking to Crotchy (Kitty's RL brother) about what gear I should be using for my RNG, and it has been very enlightening for me. I am still a little confused on what I should be using for certain situations and what food I should be using but I am slowly getting it. :) I think at the new XP party I will be using Couerl Subs, so that I can keep up with the damage that is being done by te other two. I think a party on trolls will show a different result that the past few Mire parties, and favor Izman.

As a final note, Feiwong is back. I got a random tell from Roflga, who also sent tells to Pb and Ice. He is claiming that he has already purchased another character on another server and is planning on moving it over once SE enables server transfers. Another reason why server transfers are a BAD idea. This is just a small clip of the middle of the "conversation" we had, it quickly spiraled out of control because I had no wish to engage in Feiwong's wishful thinking of people accepting him this time. There was no reason to even engage him in his claims of a return to civility. So, be warned he is back and doesn't appear to have changed at all. He even claimed that he is going to join a good LS, build a "good reputation" and then become a normal player, just like everyone else. Yeah, I have heard that one before. I hope he dies in a fire.

Oh, I am away this weekend again, so this is the last entry until Monday.


Ailee said...

No whining about the high level of the synth! It's not like you dont know a clothcrafter >.> You get the stuff, I get free skillups, see how this works!

iceblazek said...

you didnt mention i lvld 75 thf in the pt we were all in :(

Anonymous said...

you didnt mention i almost died and am currerently still in the hopital for an indefinate period of time...maybe actually get some kind of nurishment though my mouth on monday this food bag thing sucks balls.


p.s exo and malasia still have my account info and shit.

iceblazek said...

walk it off and get back on the game... kidding hope you get better soon, vent isnt the same without you.

Feiwong said...

Hello Ringthree. I understand you like to assume (when you assume, you're an ass) that my account was bought on another server. As I mentioned before, the account is given to me traded for two accounts taken away by rmt idiots. The FFXI accounts belong to the property of its players and rightfully owned by Square Enix and not in the hands of RMT black market.

I am not harassing anyone. You choose to be a dick over the internet, like you always have, and get away with it posting partial convo and not the entire thing. Let's not forget you used to kill exp in my pt and tried to mpk us in upper delfuk's tower pulling giants to AOE us. You pussy.

I will return to Odin whether you like it or not. Don't talk to me, and I won't talk to you. I despise you granted for the things you done and having your friends do the very same thing, and when I try to defend myself, you consider anything "harassment".


Feiwong said...

I leave my honest back round here for those who don't know:

I admit I'm a jerk at times, but I have my reasons.
I admit I'm a hot headed person that I am not able to handle things
civil or humor as most are able to do.
I admit I bought an account once: only and only because I can never bear the time of spending so much dedication that I had lost put into from all these years on Bahamut and Odin. (yes, I have leveled all the way from 1-73. Thief is the most difficult job to level over time of PT invites.)
I admit I have repaid my debts and returned favors to those out there from server to server.
I admit I am a pro handler of all melee jobs and on exceptional mage job of Rdm <3
I admit I have taken items/gil off rmt hands for my own use and for others. which belongs to us and it is up to us to choose to do so.
I admit I have sold my account before when I quitted to reimburse from SE milking my money.
I admit I have risked myself many times of mpk'ing gil sellers soley to stop them, for I despise them more than anyone else. However, it is in some cases not the RMT's fault in China that some can't make a living other than RPG games online, it is their goverments' fault.