Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear reader,

Here at YANYFOK, the staff strives day after day to find new and exciting things for you to read. The staff being me, and the new and exciting things, are stolen ideas from other people and my insignificant dings! Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I want you to know that you can always e-mail me at tweiner1@gmu.edu if you want to you know, talk to me, yell at me, or do whatever, because then I will use these e-mail occasionally to create filler posts from when I am out of town or some other occasion has caused me to miss the game while not prohibiting me from making a blog post. Then you the reader will be the object of my scorn instead of the glorification of my RNG 64 screenshot! Think of it! You can do it, America! Do it for me! LOL

Anyway, I thought of that walking in today to work, and I really would like to get more e-mails or comments, because I will add them to the blog. And I did hit 64 on my RNG last night (finally). I have been leveling sub jobs like crazy and not really enjoying it. WHM is alot slower than DRK, and now it looks like I have to level PLD for NIN too. Can anyone give me some input on this? Is PLD sub any good for NIN? I have no idea when I will be able to level all these subjobs, leveling DRK almost consistantly took me a week or two, and I can't force my way through it on WHM like I did with DRK. I don't really want to spend all my time in the game leveling subjobs, as I haven't done anything but level subjobs for over a month now and it really sucks. Anyway, I need to start making a weaponskill macro for my RNG. The damage from Sidewinder is incredibly consistant and I think I can risk some ranged accuracy on Sidewinder for some more damage. I already have a Rajas Ring so that is a good start, maybe another STR ring, I don't know how giving up Ranged Attack will effect in comparison to gaining STR. Like if I started using a Spike Necklace or Chivalrous Chain over Ranger Necklace, would it increase or decrease damage? I mean STR is a rather small modifier for the damage on Sidewinder so I would think that Ranged Attack would be better, BUT the calculations for Ranged Attacks are different than those of regular melee attacks so it may be easier to get to the damage cap on Ranged Attack and then needing STR to bump up the damage. This may be the case because of the incredibly consistent amount of damage that I have been doing Sidewinder.

Anyway, there are a number of congratulations that need to be handed out. First of all, after over a year in Aelita, and shuffling through several leaders and changes, Bgalvin finally got his Valor Surcoat! He has been waiting for it for so long that I was beginning to believe that he doubted its existance. Now Ailee is next to get hers! She has so many points over the next person that wants it in Obsidian that its kinda crazy, but that person just keeps bidding all of their points as if they would have a shot at it. It really is quite a base thing to do, but whatever, its their points, but things like this come back around to bite you in the ass. Second, we have Vespasian who did get a Xarcabard item, an area that tends to be very greedy to Obsidian. Cleric's Mitts dropped for him, and I know he was quite pleased.
SE has FINALLY announced that there will in fact be another update. >.< (Right about here, the stupid new easier to use Blogger software ate part of my post. I was trying to avoid switching, because I heard stuff like this was happening, but today they required the switch to be able to log into the blogger. Its fucking useless.) I was going to say something about there being Chocobo Racing and that I don't really have any interest in it because I don't bred Chocobos and knowing my luck they would all end up horribly retarded, then there was this cute little picture below of a retarded Chocobo, but you know what? Blogger killed my enthusiasm for it, they just killed the love.And yes, this was stolen, outright, from VGCats, but it was just so apropos. What can I say? LOL Thats it for today, see you tomorrow.


Gawayne said...

I don't know if you have it already, but one way to seriously boost your Sidewinder damage is to obtain a Patriarch Protector Arrow with Windurst conquest points (it's rare/ex, 36k for a Windurstian, about 42k for a foreigner). It has high base damage (40), ranged attack+10 and ranged accuracy+40, but can only be fired once. The trick is to use Unlimited Shot before switching it in for Sidewinder, then swapping in a whole bunch of ranged accuracy gear for STR (and/or ranged attack) gear. Just gotta be careful to macro in a change back to your regular ammo right after the WS, cause accidentally wasting this arrow on a normal shot will leave you crying for a day.

Ringthree said...

Yeah, I definitely thought of it but I thought that it was Windurstan only. Now that I know I will try to pick one up ^.^/

Nivaud said...

tweiner1@gmu.edu if you

Please tell me your name is Tom Weiner.


Bg said...

While I think /PLD for NIN might have it's merits (Flash and Stun are pretty equal in hate), I would level /BRD before /PLD as an alternative to /DRK and /WAR for NIN.