Tuesday, February 20, 2007

At least I tried...

I sat on my WHM for about and hour to an hour and a half yesterday, just trying to get a party, but apparently my skills at magery proceed me. orz What a waste of time, I should have just made a party, but even I get bored with making parties all the time and I just want someone else to do it. Anyway, after a while I just gave up, and went to help Hellz to kill his NM's for CoP while the rest of Versus went to Limbus. Omoi and I promised to help out our old Limbus LS with Ultima and Omega before joining up with Versus, Elfaria is in charge of Limbus until then so its in capable hands. Anyway, while Versus was doing a Temenos run, Omoi and I were fighting Ultima. This fight is actually really easy until the last 20%, when you just have to run in and out of the room over and over slowly whittling it down in the time you have between Citadel Busters. The first of which I got to eat last night, it seems that it doesn't exactly go after the person at the top of the hate list, which is kind of weird but its actually better if it just takes our a random person that a tank I suppose.

Anyway, after Limbus, Illius got on and we finished up the NM's for Hellz and Illius, then headed to Sealion's Den for one last fight before Sea. It was pretty easy as always, and after a pretty quick pounding Tenzen sheathed his blade and Hellz and Illius had made it to Sea. After that I pretty much went to bed. My computer is having major issues, and I think the hard drive might be dying. I need to look into it, quick. Anyway, it was pretty much a short day and I am glad to basically be done helping people with CoP.

Now, onto my Merit set up that I am considering.

HP: 4
MP: 4 (@2)
STR: 5
Katana: 8 (@0)
Archery: 4 (@0)
Magic Skills: LOL
Critical hit rate: 4
Enemy crtical hit rate: 4 (@0)

That is pretty much it for the general categories. Since I play a bunch of different jobs I will probably avoid doing any more job specific merits until these are completed. The one exception might be Overwhelm, which would be beneficial to splitting up SA and TA because I can see myself going as SAM/THF to Limbus quite a bit.

There is a maintenance today so I don't know if I will even be on if it is extended and such, so if I don't have any pictures for tomorrow, you will know why.

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