Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thank you for the input.

So, I have limited down my options for HP/MP based upon the very good input I have received. Not too limited though, LOL. I am still working it out in my head on what exactly I should do, but these are the options that I think are best: All HP, 4/4 HP/MP, and all MP. Obviously that is a huge variation, but not as much as you might think. Normally, I am more of a "put it all in one category" type person, as going in between is usually making you comparatively weaker compared to someone that goes all in one direction. That being said, there are many different scenarios where these merits will apply. If I was going all melee and not tanking I would just dump them all in HP and not worry about it. If I was going all mage, I would do the reverse, but there are subtle differences and balances that are needed when many different jobs are being considered. So, I am still pondering this one, and will make a definitive decision soon. By the way, I need to merit more, so if you want to just send me a tell. I don't care about the party set up as long as we are getting xp. Plus I lost some xp yesterday, and I hate not seeing my xp not blued out. Now to the reason that I lost that xp. Let me introduce some friends to Sea. And their quick introduction to the Yovra. LOL We were just messing around and wiped to a Ul'Yorva >.<. 1% and we all died to mass charmga and stripga. But we went back the next day and fought some Om'Yovra's with much success. The easy solution to the Yovra's spam of charmga and stripga is to not let them spam it. A Darkness skillchain at 22% with a nice magic burst will ensure that it doesn't get into the 20% where it will just spam abilities. This was the trouble we were having the day before with the Ul'Yovra, even with very limited TP being given below 20% the Yovra would just absolutely spam it's TP moves, but above that HP level it wouldn't make a difference how much TP we would give it. So the idea was to not even let it get into that area were it would just wipe us out quickly. We ended up absolutely destroying the Om'Yovra's even more effectively than the Ul'Yovra's by doing this.

Before helping the guys to beat Tenzen I had another Limbus run. This was a run I haven't done before, elementals in Temenos. It was relatively simple, but since we were doing split groups we took more time chests than probably needed, and didn't get as many coins or items we could have, but I would favor prudence over more BST and DRK AF items any day. We got a clear in the zone with a decent amount of time left, and four more coins for Omoi (she didn't attend the run, but its her turn to get an Ancient Beastcoin item, so they are going to her). Eternalpain got a Diabolic Silk for his AF +1 item which was pretty cool. :) Our next run tomorrow looks like it will be Temenos: Central 2nd / Temenos: West but there was talk of not splitting runs anymore so we will see. Either way it is fun to do Limbus, but I do wish that we had a THF coming to runs, as it seems that we have too many mages as it is, and it would be nice to get a little more DD, skillchains and TH. I like my Limbus group but they seem a little "throw more BLM's at it" and I think a little more precision with melee's for skillchaining would help out quite a bit. Like in our elementals run, it was just nuke everything down, but the elementals are very resistant to magic and not as resistant to melee. So having someone come as SAM to pair with me for a Darkness Skillchain would have helped to lay the damage down to start, then the BLM's could go nuts afterward.

I have Dynamis-Qufim today, for which I am hoping to get the win. This will be the last CoP Dynamis that I will need to win to be able to access Tavnazia. I have heard that this one is not as hard as the other two CoP Dynami (LOL) but it looks like Obsidian has much less trouble with the other two zones than it has with Qufim. I am pretty confident that we will be able to beat it today, but I am not going to take it lightly. Speaking of Dynamis, Gawayne got his Excalibur! Quite a monumental feat, and quite an impressive weapon. After talking with Gawayne about it a little bit, my conclusion is that this is a much better weapon than it first appears. This weapon has two extra damage proc's compared to the rest of the weapon's one. The additional effects on the rest of the weapons are status ailments, and although impressive and apparently very strong and proc often are not the equivalent of an extra damage proc. All relic weapons get a random 2.5 - 3.0 damage multiplier on some swings, but the Excalibur also gets a random 25% of HP light damage proc on some swings. Now, on a PLD this can be up a huge amount of additional effect damage. 292 additional effect light damage as a relatively common proc is damn impressive, making up for the relatively weak Knights of Round weaponskill. Here is a picture I have stolen from Gawayne, and I will get my own for tomorrow: Damn sexy.

I also helped Illius to get his secret little box from the bad, bad Sahagins. Somewhere in there Illius is lost in the high grass but we did beat up the Sahagins and then headed to Ifrit's Cauldron where we got his key for his Ninja Tekko shortly there after. His Ninja is starting to be very respectable, and he just purchased a bunch of new gear to upgrade it. Also, we are going to help Illius get done with some ToAU missions tonight, including the Fomor in the Mire and the Black Coffin mission. Easy peasy, Salvage for Illius soon.

Finally I got to level my DRK a little more last night, the only invite I got was a blind invite from Bobtheiceman... yeah, who would turn down a blind invite from Bobtheiceman, level 15 subjob-less WAR, with no one else in the party? Yeah, I am a big jerk! LOL Not only that but after explaining to my new friend Bob (yeah, we were on a first name basis, you will need to call him Mr. theiceman, though) that it was more appropriate to send a tell before inviting someone and that I would join his party if he got a few more people together, he sent me another blind invite about 15 minutes later... look what WoW has done to the youth of America. My friend Bob is currently telling all of his 1337-ubar WoW how much FFXI sucks because no one ever wants to party. LOL Anyway, I got to level 17 with a little help from Omoi... apparently she was in doubt of my accuracy as a DRK... she can be soooo funny sometimes. orz

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