Monday, January 08, 2007

Old friends.

Sometimes this game is really neat. Last night I was skilling up Hand-to-hand for Salvage with Glacian and Pbdomenator in Kuftal Tunnel. A WHM runs by and sends me a tell, their name is Leha. We chat for a while after she explains to me that she was in the very first party that I joined in FFXI. She is the one that explained to me how to make a provoke macro. Although I had forgotten the name, I did remember the experience, and we talked for quite some time about playing the game, and how to best enjoy it. We shared several opinions, one being that the best part of the game is going into a fight not being assured that you are going to win, struggling to overcome the adversity and ultimately prevailing. We all die tons of times, but its the surviving that is the best accomplishment. ^.^ I enjoyed talking to her, and she seemed that she was the kind of person that actually still enjoys the game, and being around friends and accomplishing things together. It was inspiring.

Speaking of accomplishments I did get alot done this weekend, even though I was generally busy. Snoll Tzar, then two Airship fights. A little bit of Omega. Seemed a little tougher than Ultima this time, I was standing with the mages... shouldn't have been because I pulled hate generally on Barrage and Weaponskills. And that kind of hurt us at the end of Omega phase, because it skewed hate. So an unfortunate Pile Pitch and two of us were dead. So we basically started the Ultima phase with two weakened people. Fortunately, Omega was dead with no CCB's used, and we were onto Ultima. Ultima was actually not very bad at all. Mostly stuck to Nuclear Waste and the following elemental based attack. At 40% the CCB's came out and the fight was a breeze until about 10% when the CCB's wore and things got hectic but we got a ton of damage on it and by the time the natural wipe occurred Ultima was at 3%. Gordor got up, Bursted weakened, and that was the ballgame. Compared to the other Aiship fights I have done, this one was a breeze. Finished in 35 minutes.

Accomplishment two: So we had another Dynamis-Xarcabard run, this time to get the Holy fragment for Gawayne's Excalibur for real. Everyone brought an Icarus Wing (mine was the left over from the Airship which I never even got to use) and anything else they needed to put the hurt on this sword in under a minute. Considering that we got it to 6% the last time we did this fight, not too many people were concerned. And it turned out to be rightfully so. Gawayne just needs 31 more coins and he will have his sword. There is currently talk of borrowing/repaying coins just to speed up the process. Everyone wants him to get it as soon as possible, its not even an individual accomplishment anymore, this is for the whole LS. Until Gawayne quits two weeks after getting it because he beat the game. LOL This Holy fragment is for you Gawayne. Congrats! I can't wait to see Excalibur in action!

Wanted to ask something of the readership. I have already asked a couple of people but I wanted to get even more input. How should I start doing HP and MP merits? I have to think of a lot of different situations, like NIN/DRK and NIN/WAR but also other potential jobs like a mage job or even (a very heterosexual) PLD. So? 50/50? All HP? Remember I am an Elvaan with a limited MP pool, but more HP will always increase survivability. So, please, make some suggestions, I am listening.


Omoikitte said...

I still stand by my comment that you should go 4 in HP and 4 in MP. That will give you 40 on each. There is enough gear HP wise to boost your health bar when it comes to melee jobs if you really want to pile on the HP, where as most mage gear comes with HP down as an added effect if you chose it. So even then popping on 40 to HP is beneficial.

MP wise, it might not seem like a whole lot, but you would be surprised at it. Your right being Elvaan means you have a limited HP poool, but if you start tanking as a NIN/DRK you don't want to be wearing all that negative hp gear that comes from MP related gear, plus your going to want to maximise your damage. So putting a few merits in MP gives your pool a healthy little shot in the arm to assist you further without casting one spell and running out ^.^ Also, because it IS a relatively small MP pool, you will recover it a lot faster which means your healing recovery time is much less (and if your a PLD, Spirit Taker and Chivalry can fill your MP pool back up very quickly)

Nivaud said...

2 into HP, 6 into MP. Your Elvaan HP is fine... those extra MP can give you 10x the amount of HP by using cures and whatnot. For the jobs you playa nd what you want to do:

Tarus - 1xMP/7xHP
Mithra - 2xMP/6xHP
Hume - 4xMP/4xHP
Elvaan -6xMP/2xHP
Galka - 7xMP/1xHP

Course those change if you are in my situation where I will never melee so my Elvaan is 8xMP/0xHP.

Gawayne said...

lol, trust me, I won't be quitting anytime soon. I'm going to have mountains of debt from accepting currency loans from the other members lol. On the brighter side, with all the help I'm getting, I may actually get this done before the end of the month ^.^ Which means I'll end up finishing Excalibur before my RDM AF2 set lol... ; ;

Bgalvin said...

I went with 4/4 for hp/mp merits. Works out nicely for nin/drk.

It's much easier than say going 7 or 8 HP or MP requiring more merits.

20 merits are much easier then 30.

4/4 and move on to important merits!

Vespasian said...

HP gear is easy to come by, and it's far more difficult to give up a more useful slot for 10mp. Don't water down your merits by spreading yourself thin.

+80mp 4 L1f3

aka don't drive a fire-spitting, 1000hp Toyota Supra with 16 cup holders, 290lbs of stereo shit, 37ft of interior neon lighting, and 13 17" LCD screens.

Leana said...

since you're elvaan mp is more of a problem then hp will be,
there's more hp+ gear avaiable that's good on pld then mp gear.

I'd go for either 4/4 on hp/mp or 2/6 on it

even with auto-refresh
mp is an issue at times (I'm 1hp/2mp on merits atm I'm aiming at 4/4 since I'm also rdm)

in the end it's your preference,
cure 1 is 9 mp = ~30 hp
so yeah your choice lol

Iceblazek said...

im with vesp 80 mp ftw

Ailee said...

I think Ring should stick with hp until he actually gets ANY job with mp to 37. I told him 4/4 but he should do the hp first before pretending he will actually lvl a mage job.