Thursday, January 04, 2007


I was looking through the pictures that I had from over the "winter break" and I realized that I never mentioned our proto-Ultima fight. It was actually pretty smooth outside of one mistake where the two main tanks went down after the first Citadel Buster, but that was surprising easy to recover from even though it basically just spammed Citadel Buster from 20% health to death. Yushis managed to take 3 or 4 Citadel Busters in a row without dying, and only died after we had managed to basically fully recover. We still had a ton of time left over after the fight so my guess is that we will probably farm some of the chests before we actually start the fight next time. On a related note, it looks like we are splitting Limbus farming runs to more efficiently collect chips for Boss runs, something of which I am in favor. I believe we are starting that tonight. If we are doing separate runs with smaller groups it looks like I am going to need to get my my Scorpion Harness back from Krisslon, because I will probably need to go back to evasion tanking depending on the situation, and it is just something that I should be carrying around with me anyway. Back to the Proto-Ultima fight. I went as SAM/THF, a job I don't use very much, but it was fun. No skillchains, just SATA WS over and over. It wasn't that tough to build TP on Ultima, that combined with Meditate and I always had TP ready for SATA. We got three pieces of Nashira gear, I believe it was body, head and hands.

Now, back from the past, Obsidian had a Xarcabard run yesterday. And we actually got some decent drops for once. From memory BRD, THF, WHM x2, RNG and DRG... Yeah, DRG, and I had to leave work early so two people managed to equal my bid, and I lotted a 5. A freaking 5. *sigh* Probably another year before another one drops, oh well. It wasn't our main goal but we were trying to make our way to the Animated Longsword to see what the path looked like to get there, and it turns out we made it. The run up to it wasn't that bad and actually made for decent farming, so with about 3 minutes left and absolutely no preparation we attempted to take it down. We got it to 6% before it warped out. LOL If we had been prepared, hell if we just had been a little more lucky we would have won no problem. It was pretty funny watching it do a Knights of Round and all the other swords just bobbing around. LOL I don't know why people say these are so hard, it sticks around for probably about as long as the Snoll Czar does so you actually have plenty of time to lay down some massive damage. This run was only about 45 people or so, so it wasn't even like we were at full capability. Here is what it looks like in the log:

After Dynamis I helped Iceblazek, Gordor and Izman to do the Tenzen's Path with the doors and the Gargoyles. It was pretty simple and with Iceblazek going as THF it went by pretty quick. After they got back, I went off to level DRK with Illius's BLU while they ran off to Delkfutt's Tower and ended up MPKing everyone in the tower with the Disaster Idol. LOL Well, at least they beat it. I think they also went to do the last part of Tenzen's Path but I am not sure because I went to bed.

I am going to add some more links to the side for some good blogs that I think you should check out if you have time. Thats it for today.


Nivaud said...

Dyna Xarc last night:

Zero (0) AFs from the first 14 NMs, on the 15th (King Zagan) I said, "100k says he drops Armet".

He does.

I'm forced to lot it and told to start leveling my 10DRG. Some level 74DRG requests it, and I pass.

Ended up with DRG, 100Byne, Shadow Mantle, WAR, NIN, and RDM. No. Freaking. SMN.

Bgalvin said...

I'd be really interested in hearing some of the different farming routes Obsidian takes in Xarc. We have pretty much been stuck in the same route for a while now. And while it is really efficient and fast leaving like 1:30+ to farm after NMs. It leaves something to be desired as far as drops go. Now this could be just dumb luck, or it could be the route we take blows. We're usually lucky to get one AF drop maybe two from the common demons after NMs in a run...

Ringthree said...

Nah, we have the same problem when we farm the same routes. Our drops for Beaucidine and Xrac generally suck, but we have been more effecient at spreading around THF's as of late and our drop rate has improved. I still think that Hydra's have a better drop rate than regular mobs in Beau, but we hardly ever farm them.