Friday, January 05, 2007

Less is more.

Sky was rather limited last night because we were just coming back from the break, we were just camping Ulli with everyone else on Odin, but we needed a Faust stone to complete a set but only had a few people available. It was actually surprisingly easy to do. Now, this is a rather mundane NM, but I have been reading alot of Kaeko's Team Kanican blog and it is interesting how their approach of fewer players may actually make many things easier in the game when it used to the thought that more players are always better. Faust probably could be easily done with 4 people, after witnessing our fight with 9 people. A PLD, two alternating healers and a DD. It wouldn't even take that long because the damage on Faust has to generally be limited for fear of pulling hate. Now, this is definitely one of those "Hey Ring, why are you telling me stuff I already know?" things, but the application is unverisal. Not only can things be done with fewer people, but alot of time fewer people is better. Now, on Faust this may not be true because TP building is not important, but with fewer people there is less concern with pulling hate and what happens when hate is pulled off of a tank. For Gods, the issue of TP building is more important as with HNM, etc. And we have revealed one of the reasons that the RMT BLM's are more sucessful than their poor play indicates they should be. The damage to TP ratio for high level BLM spells is very much in favor of the damage aspect, add to this any decent system of botting where stuns are cycled through many times between the army of BLM's and you have a substantially weakened NM. So the RMT's actually back their way into a decent strategy for limiting the damage of NM's. Now, SE has done alot with newer HNM's to prevent this from happening through stun resistance, non-TP based moves, massive damage AoE's, etc. But for older mobs that SE refuses to fix and where a large portion of the RMT's income is durived, this strategy works. For the newer mobs, this strategy also works but requires more attention and would be much harder for RMT's to deal with. That is one of the reasons that Team Kanican is sucessful, they appear to understand the roles of their players and understand that sometimes limiting the number of people involved can be better.

Well, that was long winded, just something I was thinking about.

Lets see, I was logged out in La Thiene Plateau when I logged on yesterday and I got to see this really cool picture. Let me tell you, sometimes there are just some grand vistas in this game, unlike many different places that I have seen in other games.

Anyway, I had been there leveling DRK with Illius the night before Illius appears to be rather interested in leveling BLU, and he also has finished leveling DRK for his sub, of which I am rather envious. I can probably finish up DRK in two days or so if I just focused on it, but I have been helping Iceblazek, Izman and Gordor do some of the CoP missions so they can finally get to Sea. Last night it was the Moblin fight in Movalpolos.
This fight is so easy to make it a joke, and with level 60 gear its rather easy to prepare. The longest wait for this fight was just picking up two more people to fill the last two spots. After that we made short work of the Moblins and took down the Bugbear pretty easily. And that was that. Didn't get to level DRK again because it was too late, but I will try to at least get a couple of levels on it tonight.

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Leana said...

when a rainbow shows in la theine a player just completed flagging SMN job quest ^^