Monday, October 09, 2006

This game makes no sense, but it still makes me laugh.

Yeah, well that was a weird weekend. I dont even know where to start. Well, actually I do. What the hell is up with drops in this game. It makes no freaking sense at all. You could be fighting a 90% drop rate mob with 17 TH4 Thieves and go 0/5, and then you could solo Xarcabard and get every single NM drop. Its baffling at time. Fuck baffling, its freaking stupid at times. Proof in evidence, this weekend. A nice little trip back to Riverne Site #B01. To meet my little friend the Unstable Cluster to get my dream weapon, the Ridill of Samurai's, the Soboro sukehiro. This drop should be easy. The pop items drop in front of the freaking spawn point. It's just a bomb, stun the self-destruct, and you are fine. Yeah, right.

So Omoi see's a shout for the Soboro in Whitegate. I dont even really pay attention to shouts anymore, as its almost always a freaking disaster. But Omoi knew I was dying to get this great katana, so she mentioned it to me. I bet right now that she wishes she didn't. XD The group was shouting for one last member for the run, to which I hastily responded that I would would like to go and that Omoi would be coming with me. Borin also offered to go because he was bored and didn't really have anything to do. So the three of us headed to Misearux Coast and allianced the five other people that were there for the NM. Yes, thats right. Five. 5. The number after four and before six. It was at this moment that Omoi laughed and said that they are going to learn how horrible this mob really is.

Now, this mob, the Unstable Cluster, is a bomb cluster mob. The only problem is that it has permanent Blaze Spikes, and oh it happens to triple attack on every attack. Yeah, so much for Ninja tanking it. It also has a ton of HP. And the nice little group that I went with planned on having a WAR tank it. Yeah... So I started calling in friends to help. Izman, as paladin, the best tank for this mob by far. Vesp, as Blue Mage, 10 second stuns that land with more accuracy that Stun spells seemed to be. Hellz came with them, then Ice came later and finally Azy came to help as THF, which as it turned out my have been a blessing from God.

We actually didn't have that much of a problem with the mobs, an occasional missed stun lead to a wipe, but its to be expected from a mob that will spam Self-Destruct three times in a row even with successful stuns. Now, let me tell you why I mention the strangness of drops in this game. Let me tell you about the first nine, NINE, yes freaking NINE pops that we beat without getting a freaking drop. At 15 minutes per spawn you can start to get an idea of just how long this was taking. We needed some help, and we ended up getting it.

After the eighth spawn Azy and Ramuss showed up, and it was the day that I feel in love with TH. Now the ninth spawn still didn't drop anything, but it was sometime around this point that the moon phase switched over to New. Everything was in our favor to finally see one of these: So now we were at least 1/10 and there was some hope that the 3 other people that came to get a Soboro would get theirs. So we waited our 15 minutes and spawned it again. This one was incredibly easy, only tried to Self-destruct once, and we got the stun off. And then it was time for lots... and yours truely won! Finally, I had the Soboro, which I have tried so many times, unsuccessfully, to get. But we still needed to get 2 more for the people that were there. And on the next two mobs we got two drops. 4/4! Again! Now we were cooking with fire. Now Ramuss had shown up to help us, and he wanted to try to get one too. I mean at this point we were playing Push Your Luck, and popped the last Unstable Cluster. And Ramuss had his Soboro too. Thats right we went 0/9 then 5/5. You can say it was TH2, you can say that it is the moon phase. I say its because the Unstable Cluster is an attention whore. The first drop came win I took the first screenshot, I had forgotten on the first nine spawns ._.; but on the first one that I took a screenshot, it started its dropping spree. Who is the TH now?

As with all events that involved Borin, Borin died. Multiple times. And I laughed. At him. Multiple times. And now with the advent of modern technology, you can laugh at Borin too. And just in case that wasn't enough for you, here is some more. Notice the sky? Yes, this was a different time that we won and Borin was the only one to die. <3 Borin Long Time. f(o.o)f

And with my Soboro, I look totally bad ass. The Soboro is like sex-honey-ice cream, yeah its that good.

On Saturday I got a little distracted. Omoi noticed that there was a nice JP Dragoon shouting for help with his AF Helm. The fight is a little tough, especially for level 60, and its hard to get people together to get it done. So we volunteered to help him out. There was a little bit of confusion for the JP DRG on when he should pop the NM's but eventually we got him to spawn the shadows. We made pretty short work of the mobs and our JP DRG friend got his helm.

After this Omoi had been bugging me to open the new jobs from the expansion. We already had PUP openned and I wanted to get COR open because I think its going to be one of the next jobs that I take to 75 which should be pretty easy, about equal to BRD in buff ability, but not as good of a puller. I had done most of the COR quest just by randomly talking to NPC's and checking different ??? around places. LOL So we caught Omoi up then headed to Talacca Cove to finish up the quest. The first thing we did was discover the the forgotten Hexagun that was lost there, then headed to finish up the quest.
At some point in here I leveled my SAM some more. I really want to get it to 75 to get my merit abilities for it, I got about 10k in a rather short party that didn't really have a tank at all. I was SAM/WAR and I was the only one with a provoke. That made things interesting at times, but we were in the Mire and its pretty hard to die in there if you are paying attention.

Omoi and I also finished up the ToAU missions to the BCNM, which I think a bunch of people are on. The fight isn't supposed to be hard, so it should be pretty easy to gets some people together to get it done. In fact, none of the ToAU missions have been very hard so far. I hope that they make this new area much more gilseller proof. Speaking of which, there are gilsellers in Sea again. Which freaking sucks because its really easy to beat the BCNM's to get to Sea if you just POS hack all around the area's. At this point its just freaking wishful thinking that SE will do anything about them. I had a GM ask me recently if they were just supposed to "profile" players and them ban them on only that. And I told that freaking naive GM that is exactly what they need to be doing. This isn't a freaking democracy, there are no rights in this world besides the ones that SE provides and can revoke at any time! So don't give me crap excuses like the get due process, there is no due process in this freaking digital world. We all play at the pleasure of freaking SE. The idea that they can't ban people without proof is so fucking stupid it makes me want to scream.

If I ever find out anyone buys gil that I know, I am going to use Vesp's new invention and stab them in the face through the internet.

Wow... that was a tangent.

Back to the missions, LOL. Omoi and I headed out to talk to a Qiqirn in Nashmau. Omoi is in love with these things, and this one was just hilarious with how well animate it was. Here is the obligatory picture of that silly Qiqirn. We needed to get some Jody's Acid for the Qiqirn, which we had picked up before hand from the Morloboro mobs before we headed there. Then onto the fun.

We then headed to the graveyard outside of Nashmau, were we talked to the grave of Jazaraat. Now, you have to click this thing one time for the CS, then another time to get the NM to spawn. I had been running around as SAM at the time, which probably wasn't the best idea to begin with, but Omoi kinda made things a bit worse when she spawned Jazaraat before we were ready. Before: After:
So we died LOL, and I headed back to change to NIN to take this thing on. After that it was pretty easy. Very duoable for anyone with Ni. Jazaraat missed alot once he was debuffed. So Omoi and I headed back to Naja to get yelled at some more and we are now ready for the ghost ship BCNM. Omoi and I also started the BLU quest but we didn't get a chance to finish it before Sky.

We then had Kirin, it wasn't that great, a rough run and only a D. Body, S. Cloth and K. Pole. Maybe this is what jinxed it:

After that I got an xp party so I could try to get to 73 on my SAM. Everything was packed so we went to fight some more trolls. Trolls are pretty easy xp, and not very deadly, but its not a quick as other places, but if the Mire and the Thickets are overcrowded it is still good enough. It also lets some jobs not have to sub NIN. I was subbing WAR on my SAM, but I was only 72 so I wasn't too worried about it. I did pull hate a couple of times, because with the Soboro I can WS like four times on a troll if I have meditate up. I haven't really even used the Hagun that Glacian let me borrow in an xp party yet, because I just love how much the Soboro just lets me spam WS's. We stuck around a little longer than it took me to finally get to 73. On our last mob of the night we got this: Congratulations to everyone. LOL

It was a pretty busy weekend, and now that I have COR open and have my Soboro, I desperately need to level my RNG to 37. It should only take a day or two because I can just get Omoi to PL me on worms while I am looking for a party. I am really looking forward to it, another job I can obsess over gear for. Coming soon, gear for my level 24 RNG! Just kidding, DONT YOU CLOSE THAT BROWSER!

Now, for the most important things that happened to me this weekend. The absolute silliness. The first is a observation of the most obvious sorts. Eternalpain is a PLD and BLM by trade but is also an aspiring BLU. He seems to have the same predilictions to spell choice as he has with his BLM. Maybe Cocoon will keep him survive a little longer than he does on his BLM.

Some people that play this game are pure as the driven snow, and some just claim to be. I think that Borin proves that the lady doth protest too much.
And let us not forget our friend Borin, for which hardness is a measure of earthen qualities.
And there you have my weekend with some of the weirdest people in Vana'diel.

Where are my fucking O's Kote...

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