Thursday, September 28, 2006

Unintentionally short.

4 hours, no drops. This is a reasonable statement if you camping Thief's Knife, or maybe Profblix Rottendrops, or just about any non-100% drop mob in the game. This is not a reasonable statement for Dynamis-Beaucidine. Yep, not a single drop in Beaucidine. And do you want to know the most wonderful thing about that experience? It isn't the first time I have seen that happen. That's right, I have been on two, TWO freaking Beaucidine runs now where there have been zero drops. No AF, no coins, nothing. What a freaking waste of four hours.

This is the point where I will mention that I am jinxed because I had high bid on Koga Chainmail, and I was tied for high bid on Wyrm Mail. I mean come on, that is bad luck on the level of Kirin dropping just one crystal. How can you go through that many mobs and that many NM's and not get a single piece of AF? And more importantly, how can it happen two times now?

We even did four pulls of Hydra's. Aren't they supposed to have a better drop rate? I mean come on, those things are tough. I know they were plotting against me. Apparently they have high-speed internet access in the Pso'Xja towers and they checked my bids on Obsidian and they said, no drops for you!

Speaking of bids, I was kinda bothered by the fact that one of the leaders of Obsidian doesn't know their own rules. We all know and love Gorokai (/wave Nivaud) and their was a rule created because of him that if you drop a run after running up the bid, the points are reset. Now, this was a rule in place before I even joined Obsidian months and months ago. Well, someone had (quite stupidly, if I might add) run up the bid on Koda Chainmail, even though they couldn't beat me and I already have all the Koga gear I want besides Chainmail. Then they didn't show up for the run. Now, my points should have been dropped down to the next highest bid (which was 5 points ^.^) but the run leader said bids were final. I laughed when I saw the rest of the leaders saying "No, the Gorokai rule," at him, I mean come on. Time to get with the program.

Anyway, enough with the bitching.

The run itself was easy. We did 4 hydra pulls and still managed have time to get to angry Angra Mainyu. Poor Azy got killed by the mean old eye. >.<

We took him down pretty quick as usual getting a couple more people the win (which I know is important, but it would be nice to do some more farming runs, especially when we are getting zero drops on a normal win run):

Got a new title to replace Kirin Captivator: Not like I haven't had this title already.

Anyway, after that depressing run, I grabbed Omoi and we went to work off some more point on the latent on my Tachi of Trials. It was really uneventful, except for the fact that after camping in the same spot for about 30 minutes, two different people started camping on top of us. Its like now that people think they can xp burn in the new areas by camping on top of other people, that its ok to do it anywhere. Oh well, still have about 100 points to work off the latent.

Versus has Kirin today, which wont take long. But we are doing Sacrarium afterward which is going to take forever. Also probably farming for subligar and might be doing Swift Belts. We will see how it goes. I never seem to get any time for myself, but that is because I am always promising to help other people. No one to blame but myself. ^.^

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