Thursday, September 28, 2006

This has to be a mistranslation.

I dont normally post two blog entries on one day, but this is too much to pass up.

From: Vanafesta 2006 Talk Session.

1. Super Jump recast will be reduced to 3 minutes.
2. Empathy ability will provide both dragoon and wyvern with stoneskin effect.
3. Spirit Surge will have an added effect with the ability to reset the recast time of all jump abilities.

Hold the presses. That has to be a mistranslation. I have read other translations of that and it said that Empathy will allow the transposition of stoneskin to the wyvern (which I thought was weird because I was pretty sure it already did that), but this pretty clearly officially stats that Dragoon AND Wyvern get stoneskin from using that ability!

I could solo God with free instant cast stoneskin every 3 minutes.

Poor God. ; ;

I am just piecing together my thoughts on this from IM conversations right now.

Random thought 1: That is AWESOME for keeping your wyvern alive. Dragoon damage is based on Wyvern life. In the mire dragoons suck, even though they have a damage bonus, because they have no wyvern (AoE death too fast).

Random thought 2: Recast on Spirit Link can be merited down, so you get free stoneskin in less than 3 minutes.


On the other issues:

For the Super Jump recast: Duh, this should have happened a long time ago.

For the reset of Jump timers on Spirit Surge: Super duh, I have been saying this was the case from the day the ability was changed.

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