Thursday, September 14, 2006

Self-improvement is masturbation...

...self-destruction is obsessing over gear.

Had a couple of RL ups and downs in the last couple of days, wasn't able to post because of those issues.

Two levels on Sam, from 66 to 68. Only got into 5k of 68, so its going to be 25k to get to 69. Level 70 will be very nice, Hachiman, Optical Hat, well thats pretty much it, but those should help out alot. I have been getting decent invites in general for Sam, I was more than a little surprised. In general I wont wait for more than 5 minutes before I start going stir crazy and start making my own party. When I want to level I dont want to wait. I really dont even know how people get to 75 on any job that way. I got Drg to 75 in less time than some people take to get Nin to 75. I dont mess around.

My internet connection is vastly improved. I got a new cable modem out of the deal, and I am not even randomly DCing anymore.

Omoi gets back soon so I can start leveling War again. :) I dont know now though, I am thinking about finishing up Sam now. I had put it on the shelf for a while. It was sitting at 61 since right after the expansion came out. Since the time that Omoi left I have gotten 7 levels, and those are 7 hard levels. I am so close to 70 that I definitely want to get it before Omoi gets back. I can sell a bunch of lower level gear for Sam and at the very least get my Hachiman Domaru. That thing is beast. +8 Str and +8 WS acc is really nice. I am kinda confused on what to do for some different pieces for Sam though. Boots for exammple, I need a set for TP build and a WS set for Sam. Here are my options for TP:

I have these already:

I also think these would be good (probably better than the Saotome):

Now, with TP feet, I am basically looking for attack and accuracy. Both have decent amounts. Saotome favors attack and Amir accuracy. Both are free and I have one of them already, though it will take a while to get the Amir boots. The Saotome have the equivelent of +2.5 acc, and since I have usually considered feet for more a damage slot rather than accuracy, I may favor those. Then again it may just be sour grapes because I dont have the Amir yet. The Amir would be nice for my War too. Thats 20k Assault points from the Mamool Ja Assault, I think I have a decent amout of points in that area already, so I hope it wont take that long.

Here are my options for WS feet:

Here is the better option I believe:

The Rutter Sabatons are definitely the better option here. In fact they are so good that some people are Ok with the 2% slow on them and use them full time. I don't know if I could go that far, though. Slow is the bane of a two-handed weapon user. Slow makes the baby Jesus cry. We are going to try to get Rutter Sabatons on Monday night, so hopefully I can get them then, I would like to use them on my Ninja also.

And thats just an example of the connundrums I will have for equiping my Sam for endgame.

Ok, it is seriously time for me to get FRAPS, and this is the reason. Last night, I hit a Tachi: Gekko for 958, then a Darkness Skillchain for 958. I was in shock, thats almost 2k damage on an IT XP mob at level 68. I wish I had been able to screenshot that.

So after Sky I am definitely going to download it today.

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