Friday, September 15, 2006

Item #3 from Sky.

I finally got my third item from Versus yesterday.

These are really nice for tanking, but I dont tank very often on my Nin anymore. Its mostly burn, burn and more burn. And I already have what I think to be two of the three best hands for burning on my Nin. I have been looking into getting a pair of these though:

I dont know if the +3% haste is better than +15 att during the day and I definitely do not think that its better than +4% and +12 STR at night. So I will probably steer clear of the Dusk Gloves. I do need to look at Dusk gear for other slots for Drg and Nin, but the Baronne gear is pretty darn good. And I dont know if I really need another set of legs to take of one more slot in my macros for Ninja.

I am finally getting the money together to get my Neptunal Feet made. I think I have the money ready to buy the feet, but I dont want to bankrupt myself to get them. I figure that it has been far too long since I got them to the time that I am getting them made.

I leveled my Sam again last night. Only got about 10k xp, it was a little disappointing. The party could have gone on a little while longer, but we were having major issues with our Blm. The Blm would just sit there only cast stun and the spell for the magic burst. Nothing else really. No elemental debuffs, no support for the other mages, nothing. Most of the time he was resting with only about 100 mp spent after each fight. I will not be inviting him to another party, to say the least.

Speaking of Sam, I am having another gear issue with Sam. My hands slot. I have my fucking O's Kote already. So I am set in that regard, but I am up to the 75% STR modifier WS's, and I need to really look at piling on the STR. Now, let me say that I am not looking to spend too much on my Sam. I have to consider leveling other jobs, like War, which I am ok spending a decent amount of gil on, BUT I have most of the gear I need already (Haub, Baronne, etc.). I think I will probably splurge on a Hagun, and a Maneater and Woodville. So, considering the fact that I dont want to spend alot, that puts the high-end gigas bracers out of reach. These are the hands I am considering:


with my ultimate goal being these:

That is alot of gear to consider, and the AF+1 require coins and materials, but I do already have one of the items I need for a Sam upgrade. I really need to actively look for a Limbus LS soon. I mean I have been putting it off for far too long. I also need a brutal earring which should probably be my highest priority from Limbus.

I had a pretty bad run in with a member of Versus yesterday. This guy just doesn't know when to shut up and he randomly just lashes out at people in the LS. We will see what happens when Omoi gets back. He is my favorite kind of person, obsessed with gear, and disruptive and abusive to other members of the LS. /sigh.

Well, now that I finally have Seiryu's Kote, I can now try to lot on D. Head. That will be very nice for my Nin, I will put it in my WS macro instead of my Optical Hat. That is if I ever get the money for the D. Head anyway. ^^

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