Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yesterday was an interesting day. Mondays are my usual leveling days, nothing to bother me, nothing to worry about, but Omoi had just gotten home and I knew that she wanted to unlock some of the new jobs before we went to try for Rutter Sabatons. But even before that, there was a Beseigned, and I got to go in my all new sexy Hachiman gear. I had a couple of 600+ Gekko's on the trolls. It was fun, but it was only level 1 or 2, so only got 300 xp.

After that I switched over to Ninja, because Omoi wanted to get another Airtank for me, just in case. So we headed out to Bibiki Bay to kill some Blaggers. Apparently the drop is pretty rare, but we got one on our 6th Blagger ^.^; I know that Ailee and Fuzzball went out to farm for them for two hours one night and didn't get any to drop. I had my own Airtank that Ailee had given to me about a year ago. It had been inventory space -1 for that long. Anyway, Fuzz bought one for 70k in a bazaar which is pretty cheap from what I have been seeing.

Fuzz was in Limbus for a while so Rygar, Reikoyi, Omoi and I headed out to open Puppetmaster. That was pretty easy, with only a little bit of running around. Now we just need to open Blue Mage and Corsair. I am kinda intrigued by Corsair but I have my plate full for leveling jobs for a while.

Once Fuzz got back from Limbus he almost immidiately lost power, and was gone for a while. We started to get a couple of people together for the run, because we thought Fuzz would be back soon. After a while it was looking a little bleak, and I was getting frustrated, but I managed to pick up Eji, and Omoi got like 3 or 4 more people and we finally headed out. Had a little confusion when Thazienne (my pretty kitty) wandered off and had to be escaped by Omoi. After they came along we headed to the NPC to pop our little friend Bugbear Matman.

The first fight we had about 6 people on him and he just completely spammed Flying Hip Press, which does something like 600 per use and goes right through shadows. We were giving him way too much TP and after the third FHP he killed like 4 people, but after that it was smooth sailing. Without giving him TP and with 2 Blm's just slaughtering him, the fight was a joke, and with two thfs with us the Matman dropped me these:

Dont I look sexy:

It will be nice to finally have a decent feet slot for WS's on Ninja, and I will definitely be using them on Sam WS's because they are even better than HQ Hachiman Feet. Now I just need to get to 71 so that I can get rid of these stupid Windurstan Kyahan and use my Saotome Sune-ate. It kinda sucks being a 70 Sam and still using level 25 gear.

After the first fight, Omoi offered up the second Airtank she brought to those that could use them, and after a much easier fight Matman dropped them again! That made us 2/2 and Bare had the winning lot. Going 2/2 kinda made me skeptical that we would get another drop down there but Hellzfury had a tank so we gave it a whirl. Low and behold 3/3. That was crazy. I really couldn't believe at this point that the drop rate was 50% like some people say it is. Right after this fight, Fuzz was finally able to get back onto the game, and we told him to come down to give him a shot at it, especially considering this run was set up for him and me. Fuzzball got down there pretty quick, traded, fought, won, 4/4! It was an awesome night, but everyone was really tired at this point because it was really late.

Today is the first day that Omoi is back to run sky, and I am glad she is. Running sky is really rough. Having to direct people, listening to complaints, dealing with trouble makers, deciding which mobs to go after. Its a bit much for me at times, though I think we did really well while she was gone. We have Kirin today, so it shouldn't run late, but we might be heading to Sea again.

I hope that I get to level some tonight, either War or Sam.

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