Friday, June 04, 2010

Dissecting the New Weaponskills.

It's not very often (ever?) that SE randomly releases videos for new content. It's also pretty rare that SE raises the level cap and gives us new WS's. I decided to watch the video and dissect the animations and the etymology of the titles of the new WS's. Here is my run down:

Tornado Kick - Why does a WS called Tornado have flame animations? Wouldn't Firestorm Kick be a better idea?

Blade: Yu - Ok, seriously, WTF hax? That Mithra is dual wielding Nagi's. SE dupes too! Blade: "Boil" looks about right for the WS. While it does look water based, it also has a geyser look to it, and it has a cloud animation at the top of it. Looks appropriate.

Aeolian Edge - Aeolus is the greek god of wind. Obviously wind based, and it looks AoE. Probably wind-based in line with the Gust Slash and Cyclone WS's.

Numbing Shot - Two-hit, melee ranged WS? Name implies it might be a stun WS.

Sanguine Blade - Obviously referring to blood in this case. Appears to be a one-hit HP drain WS. Like PLD needs more useful WS's. Also, I think that the sword that he PLD is using is a new weapon model.

Bora Axe - The Bora is a wind along the southern to south-eastern coast of Europe on the Mediterranean coast. Derived from Boreas the greek god for the cold North wind. Boreas was one of the Anemoi, the greek gods of wind. The Roman equivalent is Aquilo. I think the WS is an interesting combination of the throwing aspect kind of being derived from the wind as there are small swirl animations, and the main animation is obviously of ice which is why they used the cold North wind.

Herculean Slash - Obvious reference to Hercules, but I don't think there is any specific relation to ice in the name, but the great sword WS line have some ice effects.

Cataclysm - Stolen directly from WoW . Looks Dark based with magic runes and symbols. Cataclysm actually means "wash down" in greek and refers to the Deluge mythos that runs back pretty far throughout history.

Infernal Scythe - Infernal is anything in reference to hell. Probably the most interesting looking WS to be added. It has an initial dark effect effect around the player which is kind of neat, and then two huge blades or perhaps claws reaching up from the ground/hell.

Tachi: Ageha - Ageha being Japanese for Swallowtail Butterfly, the little effects flying off of the animation are indeed butterflies. Looks like a single-hit WS.

Sonic Thrust - Looks pretty standard, though it might be ranged. As sonic means anything about acoustics, perhaps it has a silence effect?

Flash Nova - I find this to be one of the most interesting WS so far. At the end of the animation there are flashing lights over the head of the mob. Add that fact with the name of the WS and we can conclude it probably causes a Flash effect. This WS might be useful for PLD?

Refulgent Arrow - Refulgent means radiant or radiance. The WS has an animation on the player before the shot is fired.

Fell Cleave - This could mean a couple different things. Fell are mountains or a mountainous area. To fell can mean to chop down, but so can cleave. Fell can also be in reference to an animal skin or hide. So, it could mean a lot of things. I am leaning toward mountain cleave or hide cleave though. Outside of the name though, there doesn't appear to be anything that significant about the animation.

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Omoikitte said...

You went through every variant of "fell" you could think of and missed one.

Ever heard of a "fell wind?" it isn't just a wind from the mountain, but brings bad portents and omens with it.

Its also been used in literature, such as a fell messenger. A harbinger of bad news.