Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sub-Routine: Dragoon.

This is one of the most boring subjobs to discuss because nothing is going to change between level 37 and 49. The next major boost to Dragoon doesn't really come until 50. Still, Dragoon has always been considered to have something to offer even if it is just as a niche sub-job. It offers a lot of potential haste for other two-hander jobs, but it doesn't offer anywhere near as much in terms of defenses for non-SAM mains, and doesn't quite match up with subbing WAR for most SAM's. At peak haste it is probably better than /WAR but the difference is close, and at lower levels of haste WAR still has a distinct advantage. In general when thinking about subbing DRG it should be remembered that you should be using a Wyvern Earring because the entire benefit of subbing DRG is having the haste from it.

Without trying to jump to conclusions, lets talk about what might be coming for /DRG because if we don't this would be a really short post.

New Jump.
At very least SE has said that DRG will be getting another Jump ability. If this was something that was available below the subjob cap then that would be a really big boost to subbing DRG. One of the things about the jumps for non-DRG mains is the nice increase in TP without much delay at all. Jump and High Jump right now eliminate two attack rounds pretty often and another jump, if it is an offensive attack, will just be even more speed for TP building.

Dragoon Main?
Dragoon unlike a most other jobs changes a lot depending on what kind of sub job it is using. Any discussion that didn't include some kind of discussion about changes to the effects of subjobs on DRG would be excluding one of the most unique aspects of the DRG job itself. SE has said that they plan on providing more wyvern abilities available with a wider array of subjobs. Does that mean more offensive breaths for mage sub jobs? Or does that mean more healing for offensive sub jobs? Both?

I am sorry there isn't more to provide for you when it comes to Dragoon as a sub job, but don't blame me! Blame SE! And maybe they will listen and provide us with some more interesting benefits to using DRG as a subjob.


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Qtipus said...

The only reasons to ever sub DRG are for the haste earring, the accuracy bonus and, if for some strange reason, you want to use jumps for quick TP. Meditate from /SAM is better.

Depending on what they do with the new jump (if they even add it), it's entirely possible DRG/SAM would become rather broken. Even your average DRGs have a lot of Store TP gear to begin with...3 jumps at 15-17 TP/Jump + Meditate will essentially turn DRG into a bit of a self-skillchaining monster as opposed to the borderline one it is already.

Starcade, back on Leviathan said...

That's why you main it to 75 and full merits like I did. :)