Friday, March 19, 2010

Ready or not, here it comes.

You know it's coming but are you doing anything about it?

SE is going to massively inject life into the leveling aspect of the game as soon as they raise the level cap. There will be tons of people crowding camps everywhere so they can get to level 80 (the assumption for the new level cap after the June update). Since most people already have several jobs at the current level cap they will need to do this several times so there should be quite a few people to make parties with.

The real question is if there will be a large number of people leveling up their sub jobs. Most people hate leveling sub jobs (basically everyone except for Omoi), so some people may delay it until it is an absolute necessity. Some people may do it ahead of time but only on a limited basis, 40 at first, 45 after the first update, and then finally 49 before the last update. Some people (like me and a few friends) have just decided to get in a few levels here and a few levels there to make sure we are ready before it's too late. Right now, my DRK, the first sub I am leveling, is already level 40. I picked DRK first because even though I don't use NIN that much anymore, I figure that one of the most needed jobs after the level cap rise will be a tank so I want to have that ready just in case Iz is the only other person with a tank job that has an appropriate subjob.

What sub jobs are you going to level? Are you going to do it ahead of time?


iceblazek said...

lol look at all the ares 35s

im done lvling the important subs

1.NIN (done)
2.WAR (done)

I dont know what else i would need, my jobs are RDM WHM THF PLD COR

dont think ill need SAM, DNC might be useful, dont think DRK will be useful and SCH will be useless as a sub after the lvl cap.

Evilpaul said...

I'm working on subs right now. I did /RDM first (had fun finding a Refresh scroll). I need to do /DRK and /WAR too, but for tanking as NIN/DRK (which I don't think I've done in at least a year) you don't really get anything more from /DRK going 37 to 40. So I could be a "gimpy" tank if need really be.

Zeota said...

I'll probably start with NIN, then RDM, then THF then probably WAR then WHM. That should cover the bases for BLU/PLD/DRG/SAM.

Darkdawn said...

lol sometimes it pay of bee a nutty levler that do all jobs so already find i have all jobs 55+ and safe for subs with new update now just to reach next cap, but uhhh which to do that with first?

Leybot said...

War...dnc...thf...pld. Those will be my choices. For melée subs.

Getting rdm and whm to 50 will not be fun.