Monday, December 14, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: What's going on here.

Haven't been around in a while. I have to apologize that I just couldn't find the motivation to write for a couple of weeks because the format change was a bit draining on my writing and after several years of pretty consistent writing, what do you want from me? :)

Anyway, this post isn't to explain why I haven't been writing, it's to write about Evolith, Synergy and all this stuff I still haven't figured out. Now, I am usually on top of things like this but for a while I have just been so busy that it's hard to keep up. The other problem is trying to find a comprehensive collection of real facts about the system that doesn't included 5 random uninformative posts in between every useful post, e.g.

The real problem though is not the information or how the community is dealing with the system, it is with the complexity of the system and superfluous nature of that complexity. I don't know what the minds at SE were thinking but it couldn't have been anyone that plays the game that came up with this. A new crafting system that is dependent on more open-world NM drops. A new point system based on those same NMs, to get items to get the new crafting system to work. Drops from those NM's to make the gear in the new crafting system. Drops from those same NM's to get the Evoliths to put in to the slots (that are added using the new crafting system) using the new crafting system.

The word that comes to my mind is convoluted. Convoluted wouldn't be too bad if it also didn't follow another SE tradition: 99% uselessness. I thought we had finally gotten away from this for the most part. I thought that SE had finally understood that player's will quickly figure out what sucks and ignore it. The initial round of augments had such wonder additions as "Vs. Vermin, Light Magic Enmity -1" and other such nonsense. Ok, so I made that one up but they were in that vein. The best so far have been on individual weapon types, slight increases on their weapon skills.

Don't think I am counting the system out just yet, I think that once people figure out what is best it should be pretty good. I just don't get why it is so complicated for no reasons. You could have done this whole thing without the point system, or you could have had new items with slots built in, or you could have made synergy more focused or you could have had evolith purchasable with these new points or well, you get the point.

Expect more on Synergy, Evoliths and other such things soon.


Anonymous said...

Convoluted is a good word. Gratuitous is another.
Take the best of the new augments we've found and make it extreme - Great Katana weapon skills +20 attack (vs plantoids but we'll ignore that) - you still can't put it on a Hagun, and anything you can put it on won't be in the same class as Hagun. The same reasoning will work for nearly every slot on every job; better equipment already exists.

I don't know how we can get the message to SE that these new systems suck. I'm tired of grinding for at best incremental increases. New point systems for every minigame start us all on even footing but we don't want another minigame, we don't want another grind. And since this is the best SE has to offer, we can predict FF14 will continue the same trend of poor design decisions.

I'd like to call for a global boycott of the synergy and evolith systems. Not that SE would notice.


Ringthree said...

MMM too! Boo MMM!

That being said, the bonuses can go into any slot of gear that can accept it, so if you have your hot GKT WS +DMG% evolith, you can put it on your feet or body or whatever will take it.

Problem is that the better your gear gets, the less likely you are going to have evolithable gear.