Friday, November 13, 2009

POL News: The Ultimate FFXI Collection.

I find this release a little amusing, but here goes. SE have released the full works for FFXI all in one bundle, so you can get the original game, all the expansions and all the add-ons for a cozy little price of $20.

For those people who didn't buy the add-ons the first time around, it seems more of an investment to just buy the entire game all over again and get them that way rather than have bought them individually as the majority of us players will have done.

To soup up things a bit, they have released a new trailer to advertise their product, and while I am fairly skeptical of corporate fleecing activities like this, I do have to say I rather like the artwork for the set. It is funny, poking around the site they have to flog each incarnation of the game they have, I have never been to it before having had all my games bought from the shops or just downloaded via POL.

At a time where waning interest in a game that feels abandoned to drift along in the shadow of FFXIV is prevelant, I view the release of a box set like this with deep cynicism. Just looking at the server load on Odin last night: it was low, unusually low for the time of day.

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