Tuesday, October 06, 2009

FFXIV News: New Pictures Make Omoikitte Hot in the Pants.

So a few more teaser pictures were posted from this coming weeks Famitsu. Apparently the Japanese take pictures of coming articles from their own magazines then post them on the internet to get people interested. It's quite a novel concept for me, and while a little "Japanese weird" (you know like tentacle rape and Japanese cuisine) it definitely gets you going, and make you want to get the magazine. I am sure that Elmer will have it and I will get to sing his praises again on Friday.

The cover of the article gives a little information through pictures like a Mithra running around with a polearm. It also shows that the Hume character may be a Ranger, or as they call the job in the second picture, an Archer. Also, if you look closely, you can see someone cooking over a fire.

This second picture has a lot more information. Two new job names are revealed, Lancer and Archer, and several new monster types. The Raptor looks pretty much exactly the same, but the other mobs are new models completely.

Looking forward to more information from Elmer come Friday. :)

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