Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: On the left...

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! A little bit of a new look, and more to come?

If you take a look to your left you will see the new name plates for the staff writers here. Well, they are actually pretty hard to miss unless you are trying. These new name plates also link directly to any article that they have written or been mentioned in. So for example if you don't like me, but you love Qtipus, you can just click on his link and it will take you to all the articles that Q has written or been mentioned in. This should help you dear reader to sort through all of the posts here.

We will slowly be adding more and more of these kinds of name plates for the different writers and also for the different columns here. For example, if you are looking for a certain column just click it's name plate and you will get every column in that series. I know this isn't anything ground-breaking but I think it will help people locate some older but still relevant content, and new people looking for new stuff. :)

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