Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Lady Luck.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! Lady luck was on our side this weekend.

Everyone hopes to make that big score, we spend a considerable amount of time slaving away at the same thing over and over hoping that we might get that 1 golden drop that we have been yearning for.

Be it a pair of Byakko's haidate, or that ever elusive 35 from Salvage that just simply refuses to ever drop no matter how many times you kill that blasted notorious monster, everyone has their achilles heel.

The funny part of it all is when people look into other player's lives like a little window and wish they had the luck of player X. Luck comes in cycles, it comes to everyone eventually. Darkdawn was definately a guy who wanted a lot of things but constantly rolled low and lost every lot he tried for until I had to lock items specifically to him JUST to ensure that he finally got what he needed for his jobs.

Everyone goes through dry patches, where everything goes wrong, you die 7 times to 1 mob on BST trying to get 120exp, but your charm keeps failing and that marid is definately looking at you the wrong way. I guess that is why when everything finally does go your way, it feels really good. When it goes your way in a REALLY spectacular fashion you attract a lot of attention for it, which is ok to a certain extent, but for those not really that comfortable for such scrutiny it can be as much a trial as it is something to bask in.

Izman is definately on the fence about his notoriety at the moment, we had a very successful weekend, finally mastering a good setup for a low-man Sarameya which netted us 2 Oracle Caps, a PW drop and the coveted Hachiryu Haidate for Izman. This was followed up by an equally successful foray into Big Bomb territory where I think the yield for the night came to around 7mil although I had long since retired before seeing any reward, *shakes a fist at 5hour time differences*

It is a lot of fun to hang around with friends, and it is great to see them get ahead, particularly when they do so well for themselves. Lady luck is a fickle mistress however, she may smile on you today, but tomorrow you can just as easily be lying face down in the mud with a bunny gloating over your corpse.


Clubber said...

yep yep....and who missed all that fun?! >_>
congrats to all of you, who got their drops.

Kallo said...

Make sure he puts those up there next to his W Legs and his Homam, eh? =P Grats!