Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Hijack!

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I've been going through all the old Versus archives recently, which means flicking through musty bits of paper dating from the middle of June 2005 when the linkshell first started. I actually didn't keep any official records until August and BOY was I a messy archivist back then, LOL I've spent some time looking at what I recorded going.. umm.. what was I REALLY aiming for here.

Maybe not a perfect advertisement for my record-keeping, although it has VASTLY improved since then with inclusions of different bits of data, although this was birthed through necessity when Devious quit and I had to look after the ls bank. Payment details require detailed records to back it up, AS does the lotting systems. As soon as they became my responsibility my information explodes.

The most fascinating part of all this is undoubtedly looking back at all those old players and wondering where they are now?! Butcher was one of the original leadership team in Versus and the first member to get haidate from Byakko. Still playing and branching out, it is with some amusement I look at his much wider variety of jobs as he used to SWEAR that MP would never go above 0 on any of his jobs, he lives in BBQ now. Jokerr another former leader now seen rattling around in Limit Break.

The lists go on and on, those who have quit, those who still play, the good, the bad and the intriguing. It is a wonderful snapshot of a bygone age of Versus and a study in how we have progressed, evolved and changed into what we are now. Versus so much has been used as a stepping stone for a lot of people into HNM shells, which is the only thing we won't do.

Similarly we provided a refuge for those who no longer wanted to be in the angst-ridden world of HNM camping. It is fun to be nostalgic for a little while, it really can give you a bit of perspective on what you have achieved, and how far you have come in the game. Memories are after all what en-rich us both in real life or online.

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