Wednesday, July 22, 2009

POL News: Yonin Not So Perfect.

SE has put up a Current Known Issues post on the POL website. Yonin's almost 100% Ninja Tool Expertise is noted as not working as intended. Some of the GM comments about this issue were pretty hilarious indicating that there wasn't a problem, there was a problem, and even some so stupid as to suggest to not use Yonin or you will get banned. The standard of quality of your GM may vary during gameplay. LOL Also the additional effect of Catastrophe is not working properly because the additional Drain effect is not functioning. There is also mention that the number of items isn't being displayed for your Mog Safe, Locker and Storage if you are outside your Mog House. Expect another Emergency Maintenance today or tomorrow to get these fixed.

Check after the break for the entire POL message.

As of Jul. 22, 2009, we have confirmed the following issues.
Investigation and recovery work is currently underway. We ask for your patience in this matter until the issues have been resolved.

[Current Known Issues]

- Upon the use of weapon skill "Catastrophe," the additional effect will not exert properly.

- While job ability "Yonin" is in effect, Ninja Tools will not be spent upon the use of Ninjutsu.

- Other than inside the Mog House, the number of items stored in Mog Safe, Mog Locker and Storage will not be displayed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Evilpaul said...

"/p {Yonin}ja!!! [call5]"

Is my macro for Yonin, pretty good, eh?

Anonymous said...

That was bad, Evilpaul!... but that doesn't stop me from laughing at it. (xD)