Friday, July 10, 2009

POL News: When Moogles Attack!

The Trailer for A Moogle Kupo d'Etat is now available on the mini-expansion website. It's a little better than the trailer for the last mini-expansion, but it really tells us next to nothing about what to expect from this scenario. It definitely looks a lot more silly than the last scenario, but I don't know how much more it is going to offer compared to the last scenario. The main complaint about A Crystalline Prophecy is that it was too short, had too many fetch quests and it didn't finish out the storyline at all. It was like a bad sequel to an interesting but unresolved movie that didn't really resolve the original and just made things more convoluted. Sometimes it's OK for a storyline to stay unresolved, sometimes a sequel is not what is needed. Sometimes, SE should get their ass in gear and give us a real expansion, with real content and real new areas.

A lot of SE's actions dealing with FFXI have been blunders. Mass automated bannings, failure to delivery new and interesting content, and horrible explainations and understanding of game design.

I still love this game, but it seems that lately SE has been trying to screw with me enjoying their own game.


Anonymous said...

it at least "looks" funny.

leybot said...

It's sad knowing that SE is unwilling to finish up the mission/quest line for Wings of the Goddess...and would rather slowly milk us with these arguably half-assed mini-expansions.

Perhaps these mini-expansions are mere stall tactics? To hold us over till what? Completion of WotG? FFXIV? I don't know. If this is the case, I predict even more quests to fetch items this time around. And those items will be the same items you need to get your Brown and Black belts lol.