Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Math of Sword and Spell: Spectacles +1

Every Thursday Araelus is bringing the science to FFXI. 

The Math of Sword and Spell is dedicated not only to the hardcore calculations and statistics of FFXI, but more importantly to helping you use that math without confusing you. You may not know why you are playing better, but rest assured you will be playing better.

This week's edition is part of a series called "Occasionally Replies Two to Eight Times" focusing on reader questions and more in-depth analysis of previous concepts or interesting game features.

"Could you do a blog post on improving your graphics? For some reason my computer hates it when I go double background resolution."

First of all, “double background resolution”?
That sounds like a hack, man, and that will get you banned.
How dare you alter the game in that manner?!
This question is wholly inappropriate!!!


roxya said...

Kind of useless to post all of this without telling people how to do it =/ Editing something in your own registry is not gonna get you banned, ever.

Plus I'm pretty sure if this blog was more popular, at least one person would do the deltree thing. Poor taste imo.

Ringthree said...

Honestly, if you don't know these simple things, then you shouldn't be on a computer at all.

Anonymous said...

So i'm curious about this dos based resolution changing and I attempted to follow your instructions (despite the warnings about playing with soldering irons ^^) but apparently the deltree command doesn't work with XP. Am i being unintentionally stupid or have i missed something somewhere?


Ringthree said...

LOL That's because thankfully XP is smarter than you are Khim! ;)

Araelus said...

For those who did not read the red text:

*DISCLAIMER* ... This site and its authors are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur ...



re: Roxya

"deltree" does NOTHING in Windows NT, 2000, XP, Server, or Vista. Older forms (including 95, 98, ME) should require an additional command-line switch, although I strongly discourage trying it out.

When Windows 7 is released in October, maybe this little joke will have to be deleted.

In terms of "telling people how to do it [change resolution]" the full information on registry editing (which uses a completely different command than CMD in the Run menu, for what it's worth) is available from most major FFXI forums.


re: Khimeria

The moral of this story is "please read the entirety of any post before following someone's instructions online".

Lucky for you, the little tag about "Congrats! No more Windows!" was not attached to any malicious code.


re: Ring

Next time, stop me from trying to be funny, or our readers are going to hurt themselves huh :(

Kind of makes me feel bad for having this article queued up to post while I was out of town.