Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Math of Sword and Spell: Kabuki Dancer

Every Thursday Araelus is bringing the science to FFXI. 

The Math of Sword and Spell is dedicated not only to the hardcore calculations and statistics of FFXI, but more importantly to helping you use that math without confusing you. You may not know why you are playing better, but rest assured you will be playing better.

This week's edition is part of a series called "Occasionally Replies Two to Eight Times" focusing on reader questions and more in-depth analysis of previous concepts or interesting game features.

[Due to assorted issues, especially the sources of data involved, this post has been removed by the author. -2012]


Qtipus said...

That was definitely an 8-reply response...

Clubber said...

well, NINs and THFs got raped in the past, when they removed the lower TP cap.

Anonymous said...

Hah, I guess when I posted my comment I was pretty fired up that day. Didn't mean to piss anyone off, but I'm used to people easily writing off the job (and as you can guess, DNC is one of my main jobs that I play). So I do apologize if I offended you.

Well I must say thank your updated post. I hope more people read it and have a better understanding as to how the DNC job works. (and not use its lower dagger skill as an excuse to not invite it to events like MANY people do) I am a tad bit irked that you didn't include relic pants in your DNC vs THF comparison so that both jobs could have same haste % (you also didn't include that a dnc could/more than likely would have fully merited haste samba for extra 10%) BUT I do agree that with equip like homam, better daggers with higher base damage and MUCH lower delays, and triple attack procs, THF edges out on top when it comes to straight TPing on mobs.

And from my understanding you used the DNC VS SAM comparison just to put in perspective of how DNCs TP gaining scales with that of SAM. No arguments there except for your very last statement

"At the same time, Dancer gains TP slower and less efficiently than a Samurai."

Now I don't disagree with this statement because it is true...but at the same time I have to wonder why you even use it. You basically could say that the other 18 jobs in the game get TP slower and less efficient that SAM, yet this statement seems like an attack on DNC. Or maybe its my biased perspective again...

Anyway, long comment, sorry ^^;

Araelus said...

Away from my usual computer, but next week's update (along with this one) should be automated. :D

Anon Anon, I'm always glad to read long comments! I'd like to make an article someday comparing all the jobs' abilities to gain TP, rank caps, max accuracy availability, Haste and so on. It's slow in the charting.

I based the DNC gear for this last article on feedback from people I know in game who play the job (especially in Dynamis runs where DNC really excels as main puller) so if you'd post up a gear set for me to use in comparisons (such as the Relic pants I overlooked, whoops) that would be great.