Friday, June 19, 2009

POL News: Talladega Days and Celestial Nights.

SE has posted on the POL website about the next in-game event, Celestial Nights. It's a story of star-crossed love and stuff and blah... and there is an event with dancing and crying and stuff and blah... I know that people like this stuff because I always see people doing it but I just don't get it. Now for saying this Omoi is probably going to drag me out to do the event. It sounds like this is just a rehash of last year's event too, which makes it even a little more dull. I can't wait for the summer festival, I love the music for that!


Renarudo said...

The furniture from these events is always AWESOME though.

samsol the disturbed cabbie said...

Furniture? Can they throw me a nice computer where I can bid on the AH from my mog house? Like a mog home shopping network? That would be cool