Thursday, June 25, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Not an Option.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! Today, we look at all that gear that would be awesome if we could actually just use it and why we have to use something else.

The Organics has to be one of the coolest looking swords in the game, and yet you almost never see it. It isn't because the mob drops it is that hard to get to or kill. It is because the job that would most like to use it, BLU, can't. They are the DD with sword skill, but SE has limited that to those curvy blades of the near east and not a totally bad-ass looking serrated sword. Now the question is this? Why even make this weapon if you can't show it off? The storyline reasoning is nice and all, but I mean the only job left that could use it is PLD, and they don't want it because of the big chunk of negative HP. Now is this a problem with job allocation on weapons or a problem with the weaponskill system itself?

The stats on the Organics are very good. And if you didn't have to worry about how much weapon skill effected not only attack but also accuracy it would be something that any job could be interested. Beyond that you have to consider that single-handed weapons now fall behind two-handed weapons when calculating damage too. I know that SE tried very hard to come up with a fun and complex weapon skill system that encouraged people to use a variety of weapons, but like many other things in this game, they became trapped by their own designs. People will always min-max and because of that the weapon system needs open and flexible, either locking some weapons out of some jobs or making some jobs better at some weapons but not both.

Shouldn't a Warrior be able to use a large variety of weapons? Why do some jobs have inherent difference in the way they learn to use weapons? Should SE reevaluate the weapon skill system and maybe decrease the difference in skill between some of the weapons? Was the system better before the level cap was raised to 75? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


Iz said...

I use the Organics for a cure 4 build on PLD. Just slap it on, then swap it out with the +30 hp sword and you have a nice chunk of extra hp to use cure 4 with along with other +HP gear. Lose TP though but it is worth it when you need that extra hate when you cant even hit the mob.

Araelus said...

"Lose TP though"

I felt a great disturbance from my Joyeuse. As if millions of Atonement spammers suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

samsol the disturbed cabbie said...

First and foremost, noone cares about your organics build izman. <3 jk I love you. Secondly, I agree ring, I think SE should do something about skill caps and accuracy and weapon availability, however attack should still be considered something you gain from your gain in skill. Araelus (sorry if its misspelled) wrote how lack of dancers weapon skill inhibits them from effectively joining in end game fun. Perhaps SE can rearrange accuracy caps, and allow strange combinations of weapons to get some more use out of different weapons, and some more jobs involved in activities.
I can however see some situations where high level mobs with either high eva or high def remain unfazed by a B+ skilled weapon. Who wants to see jailer of love meleed by a dancer? But skill and attack should be a greater factor than accuracy. I'm a sam with 297 skill (effing evasive torques) and in a merit party shouldn't have a problem hitting birdies..but when I heard a love halberd sam outparsing a relic drg on birds, you know somethings fucked...