Friday, June 12, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: Melee-brained.

Morning in Vana'diel is your daily dose of FFXI and all things Vana'diel. Give us your thoughts on the interesting topics of the day! Today, it's time to look playing other peoples jobs.

Some jobs fit into rather obvious roles. DD, Tank, Support, Healing. Most of my jobs since I have started playing this game have been melee DD's, and that is how I learned to play. I did level NIN and do some tanking with it, but that has been phased out as PLD has been buffed more and more. Our PLDs get the job done better than I could anyway. The problem with starting out playing as a melee and leveling so many melee jobs is that I have developed what I call "melee-brain". Melee-brain is what I call the set of habits and muscle memory that most melee players develop over time. For example, quick targeting and attack button mashing, running right after the tank or puller to be ready to engage on the mob as fast as possible, constant TP monitoring, and general WS macro button mashing. These work well for melee because they want to be on target as fast as possible and they want to be doing as much damage as possible whenever possible. Even my macros are melee-brained; Provoke, shadows, TP, buffs and WS macros are all in the same place on all of my melee jobs so that I can play all of them generally the same.

Being melee-brained is a good thing when you are playing a melee job, but when you start playing other kinds of jobs, like mages, RNG or support it can become a small to very large problem. Button mashing isn't necessarily a bad thing when playing WHM for cures, but it can be bad if you are using {stnpc} and actually need to take the time to select the right target. Most of the time I don't go melee-brained if I am well focused, but there are times for everyone when they aren't paying full attention or they are getting tired, when that muscle memory kicks in and you find that you are following the tank to fight that next mob in Limbus and you realize that you are surrounded by the melee and you BRD is yelling at you and telling you that you are not going to get Ballad because you are retarded (yes, this happened to me last night). The worst is when you run in to buff your party without considering the mob that you are fighting or the AoE damage or debuff that you are about to take.

Have you ever gone totally melee-brained? Or have you had the opposite problem and been far too cautious because you are used to playing a mage jobs? What are your bad in-game habits? How do you deal with them? Does your BRD yell at you for being retarded? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


Renarudo said...

My only 75s are PLD and RDM, and they actually function very similar.

I find that melee jobs don't give me enough opportunities to "stay active" and that I get bored with them.

Of course, WAR has a shit ton of JAs, so does DRK, MNK and SAM, but I really love jobs that have MP.

samsol aka the disturbed cabbie said...

Well well, here I go, admitting my retardation and lack of focus aka melee brained...quite a few times, being that I'm sam mnk nin war and thf 75 (not so much on mnk and nin) I found myself fishing for mobs when most of my party were afk. Not like anyone in party didn't warn me in party chat, just that I was half retarded. And got into such a long groove of fishing for enemies, I forgot to stop. Or the lets-pull-oh crap-noone-has-mp-pull. Or my favorite.. the shit-i-left-autotarget-on-in-dynamis-Q-please-dont-hate-me move...I think ring calls it melee brained..I call it living in momoville...
Sometimes these melee brained "special" moments can't be stopped a long lined SATA macro that you push which ends up breaking a shadowbind and leaves everyone dancing around a chainspelling god with no other plan to survive...but with focus and preparation, (and probably a couple of two hours) even the numbest melee brain moments can end with not so devastating results