Friday, May 15, 2009

Reversal of Fortune.

So a couple of weeks ago, I was getting a little bored with the game, and little sad with events and a little bit emo in general. I would space out during events and not play my best. Hey, it happens to everyone. But now I am super happy about the game and ready to do events! The problem is that I am now super busy and about to go on vacation! LOL But things flip-flop like this all the time, and I am sure that better soon I will be going to events and getting bored again. :)

Anyway, I have been working and arranging a few things, and starting Monday I will be starting to post in a closer manner to how I hope the new site will function. I think once I start doing that it will make it clearer exactly what I plan on doing. I have already lined up a few people to help, and I am aiming for mid-June to be the launch window, but that is all up in the air still.

Remember even after I start the new site, I will still be maintaining this site, but it will become more of a personal blog than an informational or instructional blog. Those kind of posts will go on the new site and the new site will also have much more input and it will have input from people that have actual real-world experience with writing. I will go over the initial line-up of writers closer to the date of launch. I am still looking for additional people to work on this project, so if you have any experience writing or designing a website, just send me a message or e-mail me.

I found something a little thought provoking while scanning the internets today. It seems that WoW has issues with their programming too. It seems that one of their classes isn't putting out the right amount of damage, and that Blizzard knows about it, and most surprisingly, they don't know what is causing it. This isn't a problem for me because I know that coding games this dynamic and this huge are incredibly difficult tasks, and that changing one thing can unexpected change things somewhere else no matter how good your code is. Now, I know all the script kids out there are going to tell me that I am wrong and if they were doing it there would never be any mistakes, ever and they would give everyone Ridills and make Behemoth pee gil. The fact is that some people act like they know anything at all about the programming behind the game when they don't really. They don't know the tools that are used by the programmers in-house and they don't know how many different people with different ideas and styles have programmed before the current team.

Mr. QQ says "Don't QQ about downtime, kids!
It's just like people that complain about servers going down in FFXI. They really have no perspective at all. WoW's servers go down every Tuesday like clockwork and since their last update they have had continual extended and unexpected downtime. Couple that with the myriad instabilities, hot-fixes, glitches and other unknown problems and FFXI looks like the rock of Gibraltar in comparison. So, lets try to keep some perspective when it comes to server uptime, fixes and things like that. Especially considering that SE has definitely improved in that department as of late.

Would you be ok if the servers were down more often if they fixed problems faster? Or do you think SE should keep the servers up even if they know there is a problem? Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are worse things than downtime and emergency maintenances: Squenix could NOT be making these updates and fixes and let the game rot on its face.

They aren't, thank God. (<3) But I do find those moments where I can't play FFXI 'cause they're fixing it a nice distraction. If I weren't already planning to do something like grocery shoppin' or household chores, it's a moment where I don't have an excuse to NOT do things... like bloggin' and drawin'. >.>;