Saturday, May 02, 2009

The return of Fire Resist.

I had put together a Fire Resist build for my NIN a long time ago, but I never had much use for it, so I ended up selling it off. But recently, I have developed a use for a Fire Resist set for my SAM, and I wanted to go over that now.

I wanted to say something first about Fire Resist. In general for most things, even really hard things Barfira and Fire Carol will keep you alive in the case of an AoE fire move, but that's about it. You will still take a chunk of damage and you won't be able to take sustained damage this way. It is in the Fire Resist gear that you really spike your resist rates and see those ridiculously low damage spells from very high level mobs. But without Barfira and/or Fire Carol, the Fire resist gear isn't really going to cut it for anything at all. I think this is because the spell buffs include a good amount of Magic Defense while the gear only includes Resist stats. I am doing some more testing on this as I type this but in general, make sure you have those buffs because without I don't know if the straight Fire resist is going to help you all that much.

So, for my SAM this is the gear I am looking at.
Head: Wyvern Helm - +10
Neck: Buburimu Gorget - +10
Earrings: Triumph Earring x2 - +22
Body: Scorpion Breastplate +1 - +10
Hands: Hanzo Tekko - +6
Rings: Ruby Rings x2 - +18
Back: Cerberus Mantle - +10
Waist: Water Belt - +20
Feet: Suzaku's Sune-ate - +50

That gives me 156 Fire Resist, which most people consider above the cut off for an effective Fire Resist set which is about 150. I don't have a Cerberus Bow because it is very expensive and completely useless outside of a Fire Resist set. I don't have anything in the legs because really they items for that slot for SAM on Fire Resist are pretty crappy. The really expensive piece for this set is the Cerberus Mantle, but I think it was worth it. I will use it on NIN for tanking a little too, so it's not a complete waste.

And there you can see the effect of a good Fire Resist set on the Groundburst of the ZNM mob Gotoh Zha the Redolent.

Now hopefully soon we can put them to the real test. :)


Kallo Landis said...

Ooh! Does this mean, with enough Fire Resist Sets on our DDs we can actually straight tank him? o.o

Kallo Landis said...

Also, note to self...get working on ZNMs to complete Cerby Pop.

; ; Still aways on him though. Need 5 Kills.

Jonathan Q. said...

Did someone say cerby pop?

I has one :P

Only thing is, I want pants, along with everyone else.