Monday, May 11, 2009

A face lift and a new look.

I am going to be gradually changing the format and the style of my blog. As you can see this has already started with the addition of the "You are not your fucking..." and "A Deeper look at..." series, and it will continue until I see fit! :) In the end, I don't think this place is going to look much like it does now. There is going to be more varied content, more reporting on other blogs that I find interesting or relevant and much more useful content.

No one wants to read daily reports of things they already do in game, so that will slowly be phased almost entirely out of the new format. I do still want to keep a blog of what I do and the fun stuff that I achieve, but that will be held separately in a different location, which will keep the name of this site. The new site, where all the universally relevant content is going to go will be linked but will be all new, and I am looking to coordinate with a few people to have them add content to that blog (usually just through the reposting of their own blogs and a few unique pieces of content here). If you are interested in having your blog linked to this new site, or helping to contribute to this more global blog idea just let me know. :)


Qtipus said...

LINK MEH! < call4 >

Yoteo said...

I like that Ring is maintaining some sort of standard here, and Not linking to Q. If he linked to every long winded, annoying, and overall useless old man, no one would give his links section the respect it deserves.

Ringthree said...


Nah, I am just holding off on the site redesign, and I am going to ask Q to write a column for the new site. :)

Yoteo said...

So one of the new features is Dueling Old Men? For when one old man rant just doesn't cut it?

Qtipus said...

Doesn't get better than tag-team old man rants.