Wednesday, February 11, 2009

RE: Kallo

Kallo is pussy-whipped now. This is a pathetic state. He will be angry about this fact. He will defend himself. And he is going to stab me.

To buy him off I will make the rest of the post about him so that it inflates his ego.

Apparently LBR had Sonomaa from BG on to talk about the mass bannings. I haven't listened to it yet, but I do have some thoughts about the bannings, their effect on the game and BG. I have been thinking about this for a while and I think that the effect is far more exaggerated because of the locus of the bannings. I think that the bannings have hurt BG so there is a perception that the banning have thus hurt the game.

Odin is completely closed down for new people and it is just as busy as ever. There were relatively few full bans on Odin though, but there is no source of incoming players.

BG has lost a good chunk of posters, but these are spread out over all servers so the effect on the perception on BG may actually be different from the actual effect on the game. BG is also not representative of the game in general, and I think many people miss that point quite often.

You might say that BTL or whatever group has quit because of the bannings, but honestly anyone that was not banned because of this and decided to quit was going to quit anyway. It may have been through attrition instead of all at once, but the situation was inevitable.

In fact, it may even be good. BG will recover, that is obvious. It had already lost a chunk of the people that were good contributors and the bannings may have had the effect of getting rid of some cancerous people and dead weight, even if we did lose some very good people.

There will be positive results of the banning as well as the obvious negative effects. On balance, I have to wonder if the perceptions of some people are off because of what they see here instead of what they see in game.

Ultimately, I think the net loss of players will be less than the total number of banned players. No one is going to quit that wasn't going to quit anyway, and some of the people banned will come back. To me, there are far more people banned that I am happy that have been banned than those that I am unhappy about being banned. I would keep around those that I am happy to see them gone around if it meant I could bring back those that I was unhappy to see go, though.

Those are my thoughts prior to listening to the LBR episode, and I am going to listen to that this afternoon.

In the meantime lets talk about Kallo. Kallo has been spreading the love and not just to his new girlfriend. He provided an Usukane 35 body from the evil turtle while I was gone over the weekend. Blaize was the eventual winner because Hiryo wasn't around to pick it up as he was due for it. Kallo was also very kind to himself, making the Skadi 35 hands drop and he was the only one there that could use them I think. He was a dick to Izman though, not making his Ares 35 legs drop yet again. What did Iz ever do to you Kallo?

What did he do?


Kallo Landis said...

P Whipped am I? Well, I guess I'll have to get my box seats right next to yours.

As for Izman...I'll tell you why he hasn't gotten his feet yet. Because he has bad taste in wrinkly old men who still play MMORPGs.


Iz said...

Yeah Kallo you're so whipped :(
Ring is not that bad compared to you man, sorry. Don't be jeaolus that Ring's milk shakes bring all the boys to the yard.