Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pizza and Cheesesteak.

I wanted to mention something since the update, but have kind of forgotten about it since then, but it needs to be mentioned because I think it is pretty important and can be rather game changing for some melee. The really sad thing is that I am reminded of it by Kallo and his rather inane babbling with Aniero... I know, I'm sorry. I haven't even listened to it yet, but he did mention it in the description from the newest episode. I don't think I will mention it by name because well I think that they should let Iz and I take over an episode if they want any advertisement here. :) If I am going to be a grumpy old man, then I might as well embrace it.

Anyway, I am going to present to you something you have already probably know about, but something I think I could delve into the specifics of to maybe provide some light on it's best usage. Marinara Pizza is a new (relatively) 3-hour food, and all MNK, NIN, THF, dual-wield WAR and BLU might want to look into. I started this yesterday, and I actually listened to Kallo's show and turns out that he didn't know anything about Marinara Pizza and used it for the first time yesterday so... I don't have to worry about Kallo being onto of DD trends that is for sure. LOL Anyway, onto the pizza.

* HP +20
* Attack +20% (Cap: 50 @ 250 Base Attack)
* Accuracy +10% (Cap: 40+) Verification Needed
* Undead Killer
I supposed the non-melee might wonder why this is so good, but it is the only food that has both an accuracy and attack in percentage increases and in a good portion also. Now, of course this has no STR on it, or anything stats of important and the Attack is rather limited for end-game foods, but you have to consider the increase in damage that occurs from such a large increase in accuracy. Many end-game dual-wielders need a boost in accuracy to make up for the changes that have been made to two-handers, but Sushi is very one-dimensional and it is also usually overkill. Many dual-wielders have opted just to use meat and use more accuracy and deal with the trade off in other areas, but this means that there is a gap in their accuracy and where they should be to maximize their accuracy (the cap). The Marinara Pizza isn't just a little bit of Attack and a little bit of Accuracy, it is quite a bit. In fact, it is kind of like having 2/3 of the attack of a Coeurl Sub and 2/3 of the accuracy of Sole Sushi. Now, I should again mention it doesn't have the stats of those other two food items, but with the benefit of more attack and the ability to hit the accuracy cap for most decently equipped dual-wielders, there is a good chance that the boost for dual-wielders will be a net benefit over the benefits that two-handers get out of their food. I am not saying that dual-wielders will sudden start overtaking two-handers in damage, but rather that the percentage improvement in damage from the pizza for a dual-wielder could be more than the percentage improvement in damage for a two-hander from a meat dish. The reason is that the improvement in damage from attack food for a dual-wielder is still limited by their accuracy, while a good two-hander is already getting close to the accuracy cap so they get more of a benefit out of the meat. Marinara Pizza splits the difference for dual-wielders, less attack, but more connected hits to let them take advantage of each hit. And this is just for melee damage, dual-wielders generally rely on multi-hit WS's where the Marinara Pizza provides a better boost than Sushi or Meat.

More on this tomorrow.

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