Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the road to Odin.

So Versus has teamed up with Obsidian to do Einherjar, and we have been very successful. The problem for Versus was that we just didn't have the people to do well in Einherjar, and for Obsidian though they have very many skilled people, they are much more used to Dynamis which requires much less precision than Einherjar. The members of Versus fit very well into this because we already had the training we needed and fell right into Obsidian's group and there was success almost instantly. Within a couple of weeks we had our Tier 3 wins and next Tuesday will be our first Odin run. The funny thing is that we came in to work with Obsidian to get Tier 3 wins but we were not able to get our Tier 2 wins before that because we couldn't field much more than an alliance for most Einherjar runs. So we have gone back and gotten at least one Tier 2 win for our members to be able to go to Odin. Tier 2's are generally just as easy as Tier 1's if you have more people. At some point there is a requirement for a certain number of people for Einherjar, meaning it can be low-manned to a point, but the higher the Tier the more people you need just to get out the necessary damage to kill all of the mobs in the time provided. If it was not timed it could be done with far fewer people, but it's not, so you do need more people than normal. So now that we have enough people, we can do Odin. I am really looking forward to it.

Speaking of Obsidian, I did a little Dynamis-San d'Oria yesterday to get my Scout's legs which is one of the last pieces I want for my RNG outside of Salvage pieces. I also want to get a Scout's Belt but my recent acquisition of my new Buccaneer's Belt makes that a much lower priority. I am really pretty happy about my RNG right now outside of merits, and I don't have to wear those silly purple pants for TP anymore. :)


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