Monday, September 15, 2008

Upcoming projects.

Ok, not this week, but starting next week I am going to start working on some new projects. This will include quick reference guides to all the ZNM and new NM from the last two updates, as well as quick guides for Salvage too. They will include maps and what I believe to be simple enough directions to help everyone be able to do these events decently from the beginning.

Before then I will tell you that we have already gotten a full set of key items for both La Vaule and Beaudeux already, and we should be trying them out eventually. I don't know what I was doing because I forgot to take screenshots of a lot of the mobs in Beaudeux. This is what I did get. This guy is a WAR that basically only does Shell Bash and a TP move called Skull Smash which can do quite a bit of damage and should be stunned if you can do that. It uses Mighty Strikes. Next, Now this one is a PLD, and has rather interesting behavior. It uses a move called Shell Slam if I remember correctly, where it will turn its back to the tank and slam into them causing narrow conal AoE damage with an Amensia effect. It also will turn around and put its back to the tank pretty often and I believe has a related Reprisal effect. Whether the Reprisal effect is directly related to the turning around I can't be sure, but the Reprisal effect can not be dispelled from what we noticed. Also, it's Ore Lob is narrow conal AoE too, and any tank should be able to handle it but anyone behind them could get annihilated, like poor Blaize. :) Now Bres is weird. It is a Fomor MNK, but it only uses Kick Attacks. It can use Dragon Kick which can do a very large amount of damage, but I believe it can also kill you in more ways than just the damage. I was completely healed, and only got hit for about 200 then about 600 on a Dragon Kick, but still died. This was on my MNK. It will definitely require more testing. Finally, is the Goblin, Oilycheeks. I don't have a picture of him, but I do have a pic of his drops. This guy's trick is to drop Goblin Mines, which I believe are activated by movement, because when we stopped moving they didn't seem to go off as fast. The problem becomes if people move a lot then he will put out more Goblin Mines, causing more damage. I do think that the Goblin Mines will go off eventually, but he will only put out one set at a time. Outside of that, it isn't that difficult.

I want to mention Salvage really quickly, because we have been having some luck. Darkdawn has started coming to Salvage pretty regularly with us now, and last week they were very lucky to get both Ares Body 35 and Ares Head 35 in the same run. And to match that, we got those same exact drops last night. This time the Ares Head going to Izman, which is his third 35 piece but only his second Ares piece. Then shortly after, while we were joking that the only person left that could even use an Ares 35 Body was me, for my WAR or DRG, it dropped. LOL So, now that can go in the pile to wait for me to have 80 bazillion gil. LOL

So, more projects coming in the short term, but until then here is a picture of Pot. He is bad ass. :)

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