Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some things I promised.

Here is your Zeni NM chart. I tried to be clear on the tiers and the drops since that is what most people wanted. Of course this is not any new information, but I think a simplified chart will help people get a better grip on the system and more importantly what they need to do to get to the drops that they want. Like I said there are better looking charts for the Zeni NM system but I think this one is more goal oriented. I tried to get the chart to show on the front page, but it is far beyond my skills. LOL

Things to remember about the Zeni system:

1. Zeni is obtained by trading in Soul Plates from the mobs that Sanraku is interesting in seeing. The best way to get points is to find the highest level version of the monster and to take pictures at the lowest possible HP. I prefer nothing more than 3% and 1% is optimal. Any requested mob that is level 80+ at less than 3% will almost always at least 98 or 99 Zeni. I believe that 99 Zeni is the maximum per soul plate, putting the most Zeni you can get per Vana'diel day at 990. If Sanraku requests a monster that doesn't have a version above level 80 then your maximum will be lower, and there isn't much you can do about that.

2. Don't worry about the special requests. They are too hard to get without having to do them anyway. It's a good idea to have your camera on you all the time in case you get to see an NM, but they are not necessary to participate in the event at all. Also, they do not break the 100 Zeni per soulplate cap so it's of even less interest to focus on these.

3. Tiers. The first tier just requires Zeni to purchase the spawn items, but for Tier 2 and 3 you will be required to bring a trophy item from a mob of the previous tier from the same branch. On the chart above they are all the ones on the same column. For Tier 4 though, you will be required to turn in all three trophy items from the Tier 3 mobs in the same column. So for example, if you want to spawn Tinnin (Hydra) you will have to hand in the trophy from Armed Gears, Dea and Gotoh Zha the Redolent.

4. Tier 4 mobs. Tier 4 mobs are spawned on the Stone Monument islands around the Aht Urhgan areas. Although only one person needs to have the spawn item, everyone will need a 500 Zeni salt to reach the island to participate in the fight. At this time I do not believe there is a limit on the number of people that can reach the island to participate in the fight, and I do not know if the island is locked out to new people reaching the island once the mob is spawned.

5. The drop rate on most items is surprisingly good, the rate at which you can gain Zeni and spawn mobs is surprisingly fast and the mobs you have to fight are surprisingly interesting and some are even quite difficult. This system is fun and fast, and the Tier 4 mobs drop enough items to make it very worthwhile to do this system repeatedly.

I hope the chart helps and tomorrow I am going to return to my "On the cheap" series. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ringthree. Any chance you could make the image larger? I'm unable to zoom in on the image and the text is pretty small. Thanks!

Darkdawn said...

Nice ring and i really need to learn this new thing and try it seems nice and think helps with your posts or ill just try ask you


Xanthe said...

Regarding your assumed Zeni cap per soul plate, I received 106 Zeni for a shot of Bahamut v2 around 5% hp.