Friday, June 06, 2008

On the cheap 1: Monk part 2.

In continuance from yesterdays On the cheap post, he is part 2 on equipping Monk.

Earrings. Earring selection is pretty weak for Monk, but the obvious first pick it a Brutal Earring. Though it would be expensive if you bought the coins but with enough time in Limbus it should be relatively easy to pick one up. For the other ear the Ethereal Earring is the best selection and its is free and relatively easy to get after you have completed CoP. Alternative options include a Coral Earring or two or the HQ version, the Merman's Earring.

Body. Now, this suggestion is going to be pretty expensive but it is worth every dime: Shura Togi. This is one of those items that you should just save up for and get it and smile. Accuracy and attack are the key component to Monk TP build damage. Sure it is a Kirin drop, but it is a very common drop and any Monk worth their salt should always be trying to get one. If you do not have access to get the abjuration from Kirin, then either you aren't really an end-game player or you are an HNM-only end-game player, either way I can't really help beyond that. As an alternative a Scorpion Harness or the Pahluwan Khazagand can fill the hole until you get a Shura Togi.

Hands. This is another area where it could get to be expensive but it could also be free. Also the different options are pretty close in capability so any of these would be a decent selection, but from my own personal selection, and up until yesterday when I got my Usukane Gote, I was using Melee Gloves. Melee Gloves are a Dynamis-Jeuno drop and not really that rare plus the city Dynamis zones in general tend to be rather giving. Not only do they have a large amount of attack but HP and also Subtle Blow which makes them rather sexy over the higher attack but lower evasion. This is just a personal preference of mine, but just as acceptable with varying levels of cost and difficulty to obtain are Ochiudo's Kote, Ochimusha Kote, Bandomusha Kote and Horomusha Kote.

Sorry, thats it for today, part 3 on Monday!


Darkdawn said...

Nice guide ring wish was some for every job lol no you dont need make some hopefully can inspire some other ppl to make some hmm maybe i can for some job idea. MNK 37 but now i for sure know where to look if no funds if i try get mnk 37 never know lol i dont ever rule out lvling any job more.

Good work ring =)


Anonymous said...

Uh, Kirin's Osode? It's not as good as Shura on melee but it's better on WS. It beats SH+1 and Pahluwan (sp) any day.