Monday, June 30, 2008

It's been a long time.

So, I haven't done an in-game update in a while, and although I have been diligently working on the next On the Cheap series it is definitely time for an update. So, Salvage is being Salvage, really. We got two back-to-back Marduk Body 35 pieces, and a win in Zhayolm (a bad pull on my part on the 6th floor killed the other Zhayolm win) but the Zhayolm win only gave us double Skadi Hands. >.< Still no 25 piece from Zhayolm but honestly, that is just a matter of time. They great thing about Salvage lately is that we are getting better and better, and even though we do fuck up from time to time (like last night getting HP aggro in Hammerblow's room and wiping) we are getting very fast at most of the zones. The two Marduk bodies went to Crlm and Omoi, and now Omoi has another 12 Imperial Wootz Ingots to come up with on top of the 5 she still needs for Ares Body. The real question is whether Omoi will get the second set of ingots done before or after her BRD hits 75. Hehehe.

In other news, Versus did their first Einherjar in a long while and it went very well and we almost got the win. LOL We had 18 or so bones, and the Manticore boss. When we had killed about 14 bones, the boss was accidentally aggroed and we had to deal with that while there were a few bones floating around. So we just shifted over to the boss and killed it, then finished off the last of the bones, then we hunted for the chest and it spawned, we opened it and we got zoned out. >.< No feather for us on our first run, but we did get the materials and they dropped to Potpressure and got randomed off and we got our full clear 960 ampoules for killing all of the mobs. LOL Well, there was a lot more excitement about Einherjar coming out of the event than going into it.

There were a couple other things that happened recently, but without pictures I don't recall all of them, and I am going to get back to working on the Ninja guide. :) See you tomorrow.

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