Monday, May 05, 2008

Earning ire.

Very interesting weekend. Salvage resulted in absolutely nothing of interest. I now have a level 25 Macha's body piece for all the good it will do me right now. I hate Salvage slumps. I also have perfect Salvage hindsight, we should have done Bhaflau last night instead of SSR. We would have been fine, and easily beaten the boss. Akanea still needs the 25 Usukane legs from LBC and Skur could have used the Macha's body too. Instead, I tried to do SSR again because everyone needs something from there, not the least of which is me. It may even have been a bit self-centered to go to SSR last night because I am interested in two items from that zone. It's just that every NM has someone that wants something and it could be used almost instantly. The other thing is that our SSR runs are too much of a crap shoot. We have Arrapago down pat, and depending on drops and set up we can do everything. Bhaflau is a close second and I mostly credit Rakuen for this because we have increased our efficiency there great with just a few tweaks. We don't do a whole lot of Zhayolm right now because we don't have a whole lot of priorities there right now, but it is actually relatively easy to do because of how the drops work. SSR for some reason is much more random for us, I don't know why, because it is rather easy and straight forward. Also it is the only zone that just in general refuses to drop.

Anyway, this is what earned my ire this weekend.
1/1 1/1 Well, I didn't didn't earn Blaize's ire, who has a new X's Knife, but I still feel bad for Skur who has wanted this for a while.

In other news, we did another Love this weekend and we got another Novia Earring which went to Hiryo, and a Love Torque. The Love Torque went to Darkdawn who has been on quite a roll recently too. :) We had a tough time at the beginning, because we had screwed up our tanks positioning, so we couldn't get the DD's on it as soon as they could have been, but once we had them on Love it went down with relatively decent speed.

I also spent a little time leveling my WHM this weekend which is now 57 and again one level from being gimp with a BLM of level 28. :/ But my BLM is only about 100 XP from 29. At some point I am just going to say fuck it and spend a couple of days leveling BLM, I am just so busy in the game in general. Most of my extra time is spent in Salvage, or running around doing other things. Meh. Probably time to concentrate on leveling what I need to get done.

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Skurlover said...

Lol, I can't use that Bodb's Robe for quite some time, so don't get your panties in a bunch about that, I'm more concerned with my cheap Morrigan Slops from ZR. Btw, die in a fire.