Friday, April 04, 2008

A night of firsts.

Yesterday was a very nice day. Quick, efficient and rewarding. We started in Sea doing a little bit of a hunt for Ix'DRG, and just as I arrived it popped. With a little kiting and zoning we took it down and were rewarded with a Deed of Sensibility. After that we did two Jailer of Fortitudes and on the second one we were finally rewarded with a... wait for it... *gasp* TORQUE! Woot! Ash won the lot on it for his BLU, kind of proving that you may have bad luck for a while but things eventually turn around because in a short time he has gotten his Homam body and his Sea torque for his BLU. :) I wanted to try to get three Fortitudes in before we headed off to Limbus but only had time for two, and since we had finally gotten a torque we finished of Sea. Limbus was just one run to keep things simple and because we were already so late from Sea, but at least we just need one more run to get another Omega set.

After Limbus, we tossed together a rather good crew to do an Arrapago Remnants run. Kallo got his first run with us last night, and the run was really good. All QQ's including the QQTH pair on the top floor. We can still work on our speed, and a lot of the people on the run have been bugging me about meriting and meriting with them will definitely help them for this run. I think once we make these runs into something that we have memorized our speed will also really increase. Like I said, Kallo was on his first run with us but he did a great job. And I think he has the right kind of thought process for Salvage. Salvage is definitely not a "wait for instructions" kind of place, its more of a do what you normally do until told to do something else, then do that and fall back into what you were doing. He is going to fit in very well, I can tell. Well, as usual nothing dropped at all from the zone. Even with no drops though, we did have enough time for all of the NM's (except Bhoot) and the boss. We didn't time out on the boss, we actually lost to it, which was a bit disappointing because we had done so well the rest of the run, but I think with a little bit of practice we will be able to do the boss with the same exact group. It would have been too close on time if we had just used two people on the boss but I also think that would have been a little bit better. I also think we could have won if any of the chests had some decent MP boosts or elixirs, or maybe even if Hiryo had gotten a final Opacus, but hey, that happens and in the future we will be able to do this with increasing speed. It really is amazing how much faster we do these runs than just a couple of months ago.

Now, for your Coejus is cute moment!


Kallo Landis said...

Wooo! Go me =D And go us more though! ^.^ Can't wait for more Salvage~~And Limbus! And ...well, Sea, I guess >_> Though some JoL would be pretty sweet. =P

Nah, doesn't matter ^.^ It's all fun regardless! And woot for me being in so many pics =D

Anonymous said...

Coejus has a silly hat fetisj lol